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Pixar Place Hotel

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Oh yeah, I didn't mean to be knocking on your take. It's arguably an improvement over what was there before. But at the prices they're charging, this is weak sauce, especially with the watered down benefits of staying on-site at the Disneyland Resort.
Yeah I wasn’t really taking price into account. I have no idea what the rate is now.
Honestly, looks pretty slapped together and inadequate for the prices they're charging. Slapping concept art on the wall does not make for a pleasant aesthetic. I'm a bit embarrassed by the influencers somehow finding ways to gush over it.
I'll say this having seen it in person....it feels nice if the rooms were say 200-400 bucks.....but yeah fro the 500+ bucks they charge its....insane to me

It's a HUGE improvement of what was there so that I think makes it feel even better but yeah It's not amazing just an improvement to what we had, and if the prices were lower I'd stay there in a heart beat but 500+ bucks....I just can't for 30 mins extra time in the park, there are plenty of locate places that are maybe 1000ish more feet then this place you can stay for over half the price
Yeah, while it's probably an improvement over the previous hotel, I'm not really digging the aesthetic. And with this hotel being in the $500 range, that's a non-starter right there. It doesn't help DL hotels just don't have the advantages/perks etc. to justify staying there for the prices they charge.
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What I want to know is what happened to the “dedicated entrance portal” to DCA that they promised in the initial announcement?