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Pop Warner National Championship Moving to UOR

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You don't sign a contract to buy a shirt., but if you really want to go down the shirt analogy path. If someone shows they are willing to buy a $1,000 shirt from you, you don't let them go buy a $75 shirt from your competitor. You give them a $75 shirt to keep them from walking into the competitors store.

But if you are a theme park, and have 10,000 customers in your hotels, you do whatever it takes to keep those people on property, in the parks, and at citwalk. Hell a park buyout is probably part of the contract. Give them the tickets. You'll make it up on them staying on property eating and buying merch. The only way I see a pop warner organized group going to Disney is if they either stipulated it in their contract or if they also do at least one night at the Uni parks.
I'm not saying they aren't going to go to Universal. Never implied that. What i'm saying is that they will probably still visit Disney just as they visited Universal while staying at Disney before. Park tickets would have to be included by Universal for them to have a competitive offer (it's expected), anyway.

The biggest change here is that Universal will now get the hotel money and spend most of their time at Universal/Camping World instead of Disney, which is a win for Universal, but in no way can Universal stop park buyouts from happening at Disney if they wanted to do one since Disney allowed them to do them at Universal. Pop Warner likely expects Universal to allow them the same freedom.

The best thing that happens if Universal pisses them off is that they go back to Disney. And it's only the best" thing because they stay in Orlando.
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It does appear that this event is returning to UOR this year, and this time around Pop Warner is doing a buyout of the parks for a night.
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Wonder what happened between them and Universal?
Sea World doesn't have hotels. I wonder if the deal was actually with Rosen or another I-Drive area resort, and that caused Universal to leave the table. Because my impression from WDW was the value is in rooms sold more than park tickets/buyouts.
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