Oct 22, 2012
Waaaaaa!!! That looks awesome! But it seems that it will be for the Ripley Exhibits....Then again, the article does mention them probably displaying this outside...perhaps a hint at this being for Universal???


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Sep 2, 2009
The Forbidden Forest
Whoa, cool find! That's an immense statue of Bumblebee! You can see another picture on page 2 where a guy is standing between the replica's legs and you can really tell the size of this beast!

I wish that was going to Universal! I've been to Ripley's in Orlando, but not something I would do more than once. I almost went to the one in St. Augustine too, while I was there with family, but they didn't care to see it after we'd already been to the one in Orlando, and not having been captivated by the type of attraction.