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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

Honest question, what is the difference between that and any other land? Wizarding World, Avatar, Cars....if you’re not on a ride, eating, or spending money, aren’t all these hyper-immersive 2-ride lands kind of the same?

I think the big difference with Galaxy's Edge and those lands is that the best experiences on Batuu are all behind some sort of reservation system (Savi's, Rise, and Oga's). If you plopped me in the middle of Star Wars right now the only thing I'd be able to do are essentially the B-List experiences. And I know that things will eventually get easier with Rise, but you can get in line for Forbidden Journey or Radiator Springs whenever you want. They're also gonna never NOT let me buy my own wand.
It's easy to poo on Disney, but the Magic Bands are a pretty interesting piece of technology

Despite the R&D cost
It was certainly well ahead of its time in terms of using RFID on a mass scale and as an all in one means for payments, room key, ticket, etc.
Isn't Disney trying to get away from using the bands now though? Last time I stayed at a resort, they didn't give us free ones and we just used the app or a key card to get into our rooms.


Finally. I know new management just took over, so maybe this is why it’s happening. It’s been such a no brainer for years.

My question I guess is where the hell is Mando and Grogu?
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The comments are saying they won't be in Orlando because of the hotel timeline. Lame.

There's a limited, every-other-day window where those guests are even in the land. You could schedule around that as easily as making sure Mickey isn't out anywhere in MK within 15 minutes of the parade, e.g. If this was truly an issue to Halcyon guests, which I doubt it is. So dumb.

ETA: So WDWPro has a different spin on this. His theory is that Grogu will be limited to the starcruiser, in a revamped, new era story. In other words, he's still coming, but WDW guests who want to see him will have to pay up.
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A sizable chunk of Disney is overpriced, overrated trash. Galaxy's Edge is no different. Zero wow factor when entering the endless sprawl. Every penny you have they want.

Entertainment? A ride that is a waste unless you are the pilot. Another ride that breaks down all of the time.

My experience with Rise (a few months ago):
- Can't book their lightning pass scam bc hotel guests get early access.
- Wait in line for 2-3 hours as the ride breaks down multiple times.
- Get unceremoniously kicked from the line bc I guess the ride is now mega broken.
- Complain and get a fast pass IF ride goes back online.
- Leave Hollywood to go to Epcot. Skyway breaks down and have to return to Hollywood.
- Take a boat to get to Epcot but instead of any accommodating direct route, we stop at a bunch of hotels first. Neat.
- Eventually go to Magic Kingdom and see Rise is back ~ 1 hour before park closes.
- Take bus to Hollywood and stand in line for about an hour and change. Probably longer; who knows at this point?
- Get on ride!
- Pre show
- Pre show
- Another Pre show???
- I'm on the RIDE !!!!!
- Ride breaks down. Want a fast pass for tomorrow?


Yeah. The timeline or needing more characters is the least of Galaxy Edges problems. Fix your ride and stop ripping people off. I'm looking at you drinking at Olga's and building a light saber.

Rip off.
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