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Stormrider Closure


Legendary Member
Nov 23, 2013
Seattle, WA!
In the instances of Ride-Closures in Japan, BTTF and Backdraft aren't the only ones seeming to close next month.

Tokyo Disneysea will be closing Stormrider, a Simulated attraction; akin to Startours. In its wake; a brand new Finding Dory simulator will be replacing the attraction next year.

Have you even heard of it? If you have, are you surprised of it closing? Comment below.

Here is a POV of Stormchaser (Credit to Orlando Attractions)

Universal is really making it's mark since acquiring controlling interest. Looks like the park will look vastly different within a 5 year period. "Universal Makeover" in progress.
I freakin' loved StormRider when I rode it and am sad to see it go. I was hoping Star Tours 2.0 would have upgraded to some of these additional in-cabin effects and screen "windows" on the doors for an even more immersive experience but lol..no.

And we're still a year away from the Finding Dory attraction? It's been a year since they announced it and it looks like a simple layover.