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The future of Baker Street


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Feb 2, 2013
The thought of this comes more and more, not because of self interest; but because of a particular rumor.

As some of you know, it is being rumored that a version of London/Diagon Alley would be surfacing to Universal Studios Hollywood; presumably close to the current Tram Loading Dock.

The reason why I bring this up, is that it places Universal Hollywood to have possibly two versions of London in the Park. Which leads me to this one particular question, what is the future of Baker Street post-Diagon? Baker Street is isolated in-between Universal Plaza, Persian Courtyard, Minion Way, and the upcoming The Walking Dead Attraction and houses Theatre Café and the Globe Theatre. Would it be possible that they can gut out Globe Theatre and do a multi-floor Dark Ride within the building?

I'm actually really curious to hear thoughts, as I would think that it may be unnecessary to see Baker Street exist once Potter gets its possible Second Expansion. I'm sure the comments section is going to turn interesting..and, here is the size of Baker Street (Including Persian Courtyard).


Jon Fu

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Jul 26, 2010
Yeah, I don't see Universal taking out the Globe Theater anytime soon. I think the difference between Baker Street and Diagon Alley are overtly known that they shouldn't overlap in the manner you're suggesting.


Mar 29, 2015
I don't mean for this come across as snarky, but it's Parisian (as in Paris) not Persian (as in Persia). I see people make this mistake quite a bit so I just thought I would bring it up.

And as much as I would like for them to add another ride in that location, I don't think they will. With how often they use the Globe Theatre for different events, I don't see them getting rid of it anytime soon until they build a similar venue elsewhere. 


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Nov 23, 2013
With the potential SLoP taking over the Globe Theater, could Baker Street, Parisian Courtyard and Moulin Rouge all become an Illumination Land? It makes sense!!!
Oddly, I can see it as if it's them translating Minion Park from Osaka on Facades for French, and then having a cartoonish New York for Baker Street working out well. The only question, is Parisian and Mel's.


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Jul 2, 2013
Orange County, CA
I feel like UC shot themselves in the foot by having two Despicable Me themed Weenies at the end of two streets. It makes the potential of a land a bit more difficult. I'm sure they'll work it out in some odd way or another.
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Mar 17, 2015
Burbank, CA
Yes... wonderful idea... convert baker street into Illumination Land so that way the entrance to the new area is right next to TWD Attraction... it'll be just like the old days of Orlando. Back when the Psycho 4 house loomed over Barney/Kidzone :exclap:

Honestly though, I fear for HHN with any changes made to Baker Street or French Street.