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The Mandalorian


Jul 1, 2010
Chapter 3 was fantastic. Quite a few kick ass action sequences and they started to dive into more of the lore as well.

This is the way.
I loved the first two episodes, but this notably better:

Essentially a live-action episode of Samurai Jack that turns into John Wick 4 only on Batuu. Filled with old school Star Wars details and beats taken directly from every 80s action movie ever.

This feels like what I've been waiting for since the closing credits of Empire.

I will admit a month ago I would've said, "Apollo Creed? Good he found work I guess." Now I'm like, "where has Carl Weathers been? Why hasn't Tarantino used him in a film yet?" Pedro Pascal has done a great job too using just a calm voice and body language--I still feel l know his character. Man this show is so good.


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Nov 23, 2013
This is a show that is giving me the same good feelings that I have with how The Duffer Brother's have tackled Stranger Things. And hooly crap this episode just takes it to another level.

Seeing the Mandalorian close up shop on Imperial and Bounty Hunting forces was outstanding, along with the amazing representation of the Tribe and just how the Mandalorian combat styles shine in such a great environment. This is the Way.

This has become one of my favorite pieces of material in the SW canon, and has easily jumped as my favorite of the new-era material in just three episodes. I cannot wait to see what the other directors can do with Faverau's writing capabilities.


Feb 17, 2016
Love this show!

And i hate RTJ, Prequels, and all this new stuff. This is how it was supposed to be.

There's a pretty funny online corner that hates the name "Baby Yoda" because it isn't his baby and other timeline stuff. Who cares!

[Weird Al]
Bounty hunter got Jawas a big ole egg
Just for "Yoda"
B-A-B-Y Yoda, yo yo yo yo Yoda
Baaabiieee Yodaaaa
[/Weird Al]

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Aug 7, 2018
ive been saying this since before the show took off. A walk around Mando (unless he dies) and his Yoda side kick (unless he dies) would be great.
Given what the style has been in Galaxy’s Edge has leaned towards immersive experience retail a la lightsaber and droids, I’d love to see them to a Mandalorian hideout like we see on the show with the ability to design/pick the color/signet for your own take home Mandalorian helmet.

Then having characters or customers walking around will both advertise it and make the land feel more alive.


Feb 22, 2018
So Cal
Just watched the first three episodes tonight. Absolutely amazing! My wife and 8-year old daughter would not STFU about baby Yoda's cuteness every time he was on screen. Really enjoying the action and story so far.

Calling it now, but baby Yoda will likely be a top 5 Halloween costume next year. If I'm able to get ahold of his likeliness soon, I would put him in my stroller the next time I visit Disneyland just for fun and for the reactions. And how cool would it be if parents could have one of that floating infant carriers IRL today.
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