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The Soundstages: Stay or Go?

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Should The Soundstages Stay or Go?

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Re-paint RRR yellow so they can expand the Minions Land/Illumination Land :lol: . Blue sky, but they could try to turn the Music Plaza and RRR into Super Silly Fun Land.

I don't think the Soundstages are going anywhere. They get used quite often for filming still and of course, for HHN houses.
I think RRR will be removed if by some chance they decide to take out the soundstages for park expansion. Or it will get replaced by another coaster of some sort.
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If Universal wants to take out HRRR for USF expansion, maybe that plot of land could be an option as to where Pokemon goes if that IP comes to the domestic parks and Universal Creative wants to do a full fledged land.

It seems obvious that the next two areas that are going to be addressed at USF post EU are the Simpsons/MIB/FF plots and the area HRRR currently is. But if I had to guess what area goes first, I would guess HRRR considering how that coaster appears to be on its last legs of service life.
The Soundstages aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Dare I say, ever.
Maybe just some can get torn down for a standalone ride. Or if the SS's aren't going anywhere anytime soon or ever, then I guess they could get creative and build some other thrill coaster in that spot. Plus I think the back corner of the park needs more work and has the potential to be turned into either one huge area or a couple of mini lands.