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Tokyo Disneyland Resort

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This may just be my optimism getting the best of me, but I feel like this is a test to see if Marvel moves the needle in TDLR. OLC has been very reticent to add Marvel to the Resort and this could simply be a test so that they can survey guests and gain information from moved merch.

I'm really not all that worried at all about IASW permanently having this. I think the more likely thing is that this small thing could theoretically end up with a full scale Marvel ride or land being built if the response from guests is that they want more Marvel in the parks (and merch is up).
That's the exact thought that struck me as well. Knowing the Oriental Land Company's leadership, if Tokyo Disneyland ever got a fully fledged Marvel land, it would likely be way better than Avengers Campus.
Universal Orlando already did that
Before Disney debuted the Avengers Campus at DCA we used to hear a lot of forum posters complaining about IOA's MSHI. After that really poor effort by Disney, there's no longer that avalanche of complaints about Universal's comic book look. Turns out that colorful comic book look is superior to the Marvel Cinematic drab look.
Turns out that colorful comic book look is superior to the Marvel Cinematic drab look.
(Personal opinion alert): I think the Avengers Campus in Paris is much better visually/aesthetically/whatever than the comic book-y look at Islands of Adventure. But, in fairness, I've also never been a fan of the MSHI -> Toon Lagoon section of the park.

I'm not sure how much appetite there is for Marvel anything in Tokyo, but given we still haven't seen a ground-up E-Ticket built for either Avengers Campus... I'd be kinda curious to see what kind of anchor attraction they'd want.
I like how Tokyo creates this cute show guests just because.....I really wish Disney in the west took more notes on these kinda little things
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Grand Chateau is roughly 2k a night for cheapest toom....Fantasy Springs Hotel is more reasonable with the prices being roughly 600 USD a night...the issue is getting a room because everyday when they open the new inventory at 11am JST, sell out instantly
I can see why

600 bucks that place is a deal compared to what Disney many times offers for those prices
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