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Transformers: The Ride - 3D

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I mean......if rumors are to be believed

I think the they will not fix the ride but let it be in this state for the next few years it has left. Would love to be wrong but I feel like while the attraction should not be next on the block its location might have doomed it.

Also have you guys watched the Megatron actor? Like OMG, he gets away with things close to what Chucky used to back at HHN. Like he insults people looks...I thought that would be a no go in 2024 but I've see him do it many times now and both Megatron and Optimist Prime talk about SNW.

The Autobots are friends with Peach and Megatron is trying to forge and alliance with Bowser, lol. Love it
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No. Not even remotely close or the same. Besides, some of those guests deserve it. He's a villain, he isn't meant to be nice. This is a non-issue.

So is Chucky

Anyway, he gets away with thing I'm surprised people are cool with