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I know that one user has spoke about this on another thread. Just wanna start its own.

East Asia is quite a hotbed for current and incoming theme parks. But what about that area in the center of the world map?

France has had a Disneyland for quite some time now. So i dont see why a Universal theme park wouldn't work. What things would probably be different? Would they also build the WWOHP in the UK?

Chime in.
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Disneyland Paris has never really fared so well. It started off as a flop and is, to this day, the least successful of all of the Disney parks currently operating. I don't see it happening.
Goddard Group posted some fascinating pictures of UNIVERSAL HOLLYWOODLAND, a Universal Studios park that was developed around 1996 for Europe. I hope something similar comes to fruition! Looks amazing, and I love how unique it looks, and features Universal films. I especially love the King Kong drop tower icon for the park, as well as the Hilly Valley land, clock tower, and time travel coaster!




This is eerie.

For one, Jurassic Park River Rapids and a soundstage entrance were ideas both used in Universal Studios Singapore and Walt Disney Studios Paris respectively. The DeLorean BTTF coaster with a courthouse square entrance is also the exact poo-poo'd insane rumor from earlier this year, just without oculus rifts haha.

Gotta love the lame TV land with "Seaquest Adventure" and "Hercules Wooden Coaster". Nothing says world class attractions like cheesy 90s syndicated television!

You also have an Apollo 13 coaster, Twister, Casper dark ride, Hannah Barbera and a Flinstones junior coaster, which is basically Goddard appealing to Universal's shaky mid-90s slate of wannabe franchises. (no offense to Apollo 13) Western Stunt Show and Animal Actors make due appearances (I like how Gary put them both on the edges of the park to help with sound control)... and also some domed E.T. attraction? Not even sure if Jaws was a ride, or just a scenic area.

Obviously the weenie is "King Kong Tower" (...which is the Empire State Building but whatever), and that would probably look cool but a drop tower idea seems lame. Excited to see Goddard post more photos.
Not as many cool dark rides or immersive attractions as I'd ideally want, too many coasters with a brand slapped on, but still really cool! And yeah, super weird how there's some existing ideas from other parks, both Universal and Disney, in the concept.

And honestly, as cool as a BTTF coaster would be, I'd still rather have a BTTF simulator, dark ride, or at least an indoor coaster that could give us projected time periods and time travel effects, etc.
I never counted that as a true/real Universal park. It was branded a Universal park for only 7 years, but it didn't even open as a Universal park, Universal only bought stakes in it a few years after opening. Universal Creative did, however, did create a few cool unique attractions there.
Reviving an olllld thread but I visited Port Aventura back when it was a Universal Park, and revisited just last month. It’s without question the most Universal Non-Universal theme park I’ve ever been in. If the owners were willing to sell, I think it would be stupid for Universal not to explore the opportunity of repurchasing. It’s literally a few dark rides away from being the best park out there (and their recent Seseme Street dark ride shooter is the best I’ve been on!) they have a fully built out Resort, with room to expand all around. It’s got 2 of the best coasters on the planet, and theming that matches some of Universals best. They do shows better than Universal do too!
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