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What Games Are You Playing?

Tangentially game related, but just got our tickets for PAX East! Have gone the past bunch of years (and one year pre-COVID) and always a fun little time!

I tend to make overly complicated group cosplays for our group, haha, this year I will have to see if I have it in me, lol
Armored Core For Answer is so damn fun! Battles feel so fast-paced feeling more like a dogfighting with mechs.

And WAY better than the previous game as well.
A little ways into playing Assassin’s Creed: Nexus and as someone who loved all of the games through Black Flag but hasn’t played too much (as the series has sort of shifted genres from being stealth based), this game is so far something I’m obsessed with and a the throwback that it sounded like Mirage would be.

Getting to play as Ezio, Connor, and Kassandra in each other’s unique animus locations and get to do it all in first person in VR with all classic game mechanics of a stealth based AC game is awesome. The hidden blade kills and combat feels great, stealth is fun with AI not being extremely dumb like a lot of VR games.

This is a big game in scale and there’s a decent amount of story. This is the type of exclusive game VR needs to move forward and get people excited about it as Meta, PlayStation, and Valve march into the next gen of VR.

Here’s the beginning of the game to see what it’s like:
Decided to turn on the XBox 360 for the first time in a while and beat Street Fighter X Tekken and on the way to beating Need for Speed: The Run.
Lately I've been playing
Mortal Kombat 1
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
DOTA 2 (again now that I have a gaming PC)
This Means Warp - So far this is a great family game, very much like a cross between FTL and Overcooked, our son loves it
Disney Speedstorm (dude the soundtrack for this is bangin)
Currently finishing up Assassins Creed: Nexus (btw, best AC game top to bottom since the original trilogy due to being a great stealthy game with fun combat, parkour and actual good real world and animus story).

I’ve also been playing Dead Space (fairly early into the game). I also have a play-through of Jedi: Fallen Order to finish I’ve been replaying before playing Jedi Survivor. Resident Evil Village is also on tap.
Over the past few days in free time really sat down and focused in on playing the Dead Space remake. Thought the combat was a bit repetitive but overall it was really good.

I actually immediately jumped into Dead Space 2 afterwards and gotta say, 2011 graphics aren’t as rough as I remembered lol. I do want to change up genres at some point though (I’ve played a lot of horror or horror adjacent games lately). Frontiers of Pandora is where I’m leaning.
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Quick update: Sort of decided to go two paths at once and finally play Resident Evil Village on PS5 VR Mode (which is just a phenomenal experience btw… I’m at the Demitrescu Boss Fight at the castle). I’m pretty seasoned in VR at this point but with this game even I need to take breaks every now and then because the fights are just so much more intense right up in your face than playing flat screen.

Also signed up for Ubisoft+ so I could play Frontiers Of Pandora and as someone who enjoys the Avatar films, this game is everything I could want out of it (supposedly parts of it will be payed off in Avatar 3). Even if you don’t like Avatar though I think you could have a great time with this game as it’s just fun and absolutely beautiful. The control scheme takes some getting used to as does the guidance system which is fairly vague and does take getting used to, but I sort of enjoy that because the game is so beautiful that while you are getting used to it it means you are doing more exploring.
Caved and bought VBucks for the first time to get the Weeknd skins, staying in Fortnite because of just how *addictive* Fortnite Racing is.

Both that and Festival are insanely genius in execution; but man does Racing hit different. Handling is sublime.
Currently at the last stretch of getting full 100% completion in the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy.

Next up: Link’s Awakening as something a bit more casual compared to the insanity of some of Crash’s levels, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown for what I hear is some quality Metroidvania goodness, Crash 4 since I wanted a bit of a buffer between the Trilogy and this game, Doom 1, 2, and 64, back to Alien: Isolation, and finally back to Tears of the Kingdom. I want to clear out my backlog before getting back to Tears since it’s such a huge game. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door will jump ahead whenever that comes out since I’ve never played it myself but I did watch a walkthrough many years ago.
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy 100% complete.

I am eternally grateful that only in the third game are the time trials a requirement to getting all the Crystals/Gems lol. Not worth it in the first two games just to see a few percentage points above 100 imo.

On to Link’s Awakening remake.
The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures

Being a fan of the Ace Attorney series and having played every game so far (including the second Investigations via the fan translation), it was only logical that I'd get around to The Great Ace Attorney duology. The last game in the series I played was Spirit of Justice, which like the rest of the Apollo Justice trilogy left me rather split. While it did have its highs, it also had one of the biggest lows with the worst main prosecutor in the series in the form of Nahyuta. For me, that's a big problem since the back and forth between the attorney and prosecutor is a key component in this series, and if the back and forth isn't entertaining, the trials can just drag, and that happened a lot in SoJ for me.

So how did TGAA:A fair? Well, I wasn't split on this one, I enjoyed this one quite a bit!

This one felt like a refreshing return to form, with fun characters, great cases and plenty of wonderful twists, turns and reveals. This one hooked me pretty early on and had me coming back till it was all finished. While some of the trials can feel a bit long, the writing was good for me so that's a trade off I can take. Especially when the conversations and back and forth come from characters like Herlock Shomes and Barok van Zieks.

Shomes is an absolute delight, and his Dance of Deductions are a nice spin on the Investigation aspect of the game, and van Zieks is such a breath of fresh air after coming off Nahyuta. van Zieks sarcasm and subtle dry jabs/insults were way more entertaining than Nahyuta's holier than thou attitude which was grating and old before you even encountered him. van Zieks is cold, calculating and vampiric, but at the same time he does some of the funniest actions in the trials when he's frustrated, though I can imagine all that wine and chalice's can't be cheap. Either way, Barok van Zieks easily joins the ranks of the great main prosecutors in the series.

Other than that, there were some things left hanging/unanswered with the plot/characters, but it felt pretty deliberate and could very well be picked up in the second game, and I look forward to starting that one up soon!
Playing Resident Evil 2 for the first time. Just finished Leon’s story and about an hour into Claire’s. Having already played as Leon I’m finding the Claire playthrough to be a bit same-y so far but we’ll see.

Funny enough this is actually the first time I’ve played an RE game flatscreen. RE7, RE8, RE4 original and RE4 Remake I played, but in VR.
Waiting on restarting again, but aiming to play Baldurs Gate 3 on new PC hardware I am getting in a few days. Loved everything I experienced of it from my first run, but wanna actually have a moment to spend time in it.

After that, diving into Parkscope Joe's territory of P3R.