When business turns personal...


Mar 22, 2018
I was informed yesterday of an opportunity to a conference next week...in Orlando. I thought my boss was kidding, to be frank, but nope, I'm being sent down last minute to a IT security conference (actually happening at Disney's Contemporary), so just about everything is being paid by the company. There's going to be a LOT of seminars floating through my brain.

But there is still plenty of free time available for my own enjoyment in the evenings, and this Preferred AP card likes to be used, so you can bet that I'm going over to UO a couple days next week. I've always wanted to try a solo trip to the parks, but could never justify the costs. Happy day for all except the expense people who have to handle my trip!


Mar 29, 2018
I work at various conference hotels in the area and these things usually have intense itineraries. Definitely find some time to play after all the work!
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