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  1. saint.piss

    Dune: Messiah

  2. saint.piss

    The Matrix 5

  3. saint.piss

    The Sims (Film)

  4. saint.piss

    Teen Titans (Film)

  5. saint.piss

    Venom: The Last Dance (2024)

  6. Jake S

    Hollywood Writers Approve of Strike

    from the New York Times: tl;dr: the unions (WGA west and east) have given union leaders the ability to strike if an agreement can't be reached by the expiration of the current contract (May 1). as has been said in other threads, this is extremely problematic for the entire industry. if you...
  7. JaySalahi

    Northwood Pie (2020) - (Prime Video & More)

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with you #1 Passion (theme parks and Universal are #2) one thing 'Ive found so amazing about this site and the community in general is seeing and learning how many of you have almost equally as sized passion for film and movies! With that said... My first...