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  1. PenguinCowboy

    One Day Die

    Hi all, First time actually starting a thread (and of course I am going to be sparsely on here this weekend, so it may just die here, haha), but in an effort to fill the giant black hole in my heart left by HHN I stumbled on what could be a cool ARG to waste some time this fall! Darren Lynn...
  2. Stryker

    When did you start attending non kid-friendly haunts/mazes?

    I've been trying to get my two older kids (8 & 10) to attend either HHN or Knott's Scary Farm with me. Neither ever wanted to try TWD Attraction, even though I'd ask them every time we're near it. They've seen the decorations during the day and never seemed to be too scared of it, no matter how...