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  1. Brian G.

    HHN 28: Stranger Things

    Just announced!
  2. happy bunny rabbit

    Why Do House Locations Get HotYs?

    House locations are a major factor in the success of a house, if the idea works well with the space, it thrives. I want to ask the question, why do some locations get HotY more than others? Let's look at the use of space, lighting available, facades, and other contributing factors. I've created...
  3. happy bunny rabbit

    In-Line Entertainment

    Lines at HHN get longer and longer each year as the event grows in popularity, and with huge IPs starting to come yearly to the event, this isn't going to change. The line experience, however, doesn't seem to be advancing. You just stand in a backstage area (some that aren't always the safest...
  4. happy bunny rabbit

    What do you consider to be the best anniversary house?

    I've never got to experience an anniversary house, but out of all the years, what do y'all consider to be the best showcase of the best of HHN?