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  1. ArchieAndrews

    Does Space Mountain make anyone else feel melancholic?

    This is sort of an odd question, but I figured I'd ask it anyway. For quite some time I've been a big fan of the ride space mountain, but it almost feels sort of sombre/introspective. There's quite a few things that come to mind between the ambient music, the blue/orange mood lighting, pitch...
  2. Joshua Porter

    Park Videos, Vlogs and Imagery

    Hey all! I know there are various posts or threads about park vlogs or thoughts on vloggers but I have been struggling to find a dedicated thread for folks to post their creativity on! With so many of us visiting the parks regularly and others not so regularly, it could be a good idea to set up...
  3. Joshua Porter

    Splash Mountain Refurb

    Hearing/reading mutterings of Splash Mountain going down for refurbishment from August 28th to November 17th? Anybody know if there is any truth to this? Seems like a strange time to do a lengthy refurbishment of a wet ride in such a busy period? Understandable that rides like Splash, Space, etc...
  4. CowMissing

    Helpful Vacation Planning Videos

    Walt Disney World Resort - Vacation Planning Video (Overview): Magic Kingdom: Epcot: Disney's Hollywood Studios: Disney's Animal Kingdom: