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  1. Z

    Men In Black Leaderboard & Tips

    Hey guys just went on Men In Black this weekend and pulled a whopping 483,650 with the red button and just was thinking it would be cool to have a place to post our top scores and share secrets we have figured out from all the times we have been on it. I noticed a few things on my last ride one...
  2. M

    Orlando Informer meetup

    This will be my first time going to universal and we were going with a group of friends and we were supposed to be able to go Friday and Saturday for the meetup event, I'm not sure how common these meetups are or if they are worth it but we are having issues already. We were planning on going...
  3. Magic-Man

    Orlando to get an In-N-Out Burger, White Castle

    Found of r/orlando reddit. I'm just here for the White Castle! OOTP : Oviedo on the Park | Oviedo, FL
  4. WAJAS

    Sea Lion High: The New Class

    The show’s getting a re-up on the witty dialogue as well as other improvements. Expect a funnier show and the return of the mimes!! This is just a rewrite of the dialogue and stage directions, so don’t expect any major changes to the set.
  5. happy bunny rabbit

    Why Do House Locations Get HotYs?

    House locations are a major factor in the success of a house, if the idea works well with the space, it thrives. I want to ask the question, why do some locations get HotY more than others? Let's look at the use of space, lighting available, facades, and other contributing factors. I've created...
  6. C

    Becoming a team member?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum so I hope this is ok to throw here but I was wondering what goes into becoming a team member? My goal would honestly be to work in Jurassic Park. I'm about to graduate with a degree in Geology with a concentration in Paleontology. I'd love the opportunity to...
  7. Joshua Porter

    WDW Bus Transportation - Resort/Park Based Welcome Messages

    Hello there, Bit of a strange request, but I am looking in to finding out the majority of the "welcome" messages that the Buses on property show. For example, the buses to Old Key West will display Old Key West and then "Hello, Islanders". If anyone knows more about various messages the buses...
  8. UltimateUOR

    Nintendo Land Rumors:Mario

    Recently, some rumors about Universal Studios Orlando's upcoming Nintendo Land have been circulating. Some rumors say that Mario won't be the "center of attention", this intrigues me as Mario is Nintendo's star. It may mean less business for Universal which would mean less money meaning less...
  9. Pete L

    1 Day Two Park Plan

    Hi there! Me and my fiancé are planning a trip to Orlando in the second week of October. We'll be spending most of our time at Disney World but really want to get one day in at Universal. I know one day isn't an ideal amount of time to explore both parks and we don't expect to do everything...