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Antojitos Coming to CityWalk (USH)

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Having lunch at Antojitos. - definitely an upgrade to Camachos.

Tacos yes but the burritos do not.

errr....I really dislike that. If your a Mexican place not just giving out chips and charging over ten bucks for most items....just not a fan.

Thanks for the heads up
Mercado, right across from the Universal Studios bridge and the 101 fwy, is really good and might I say, better. If you're willing to pay a decent amount for good Mexican food. Other than that, you're in LA, there's an abundance of amazing Mexican food at your reach.
No Mar y Tiera? Damn... missing out. Easily the best dish at Orlando's version.

Who said they don't give out chips and salsa?

And what sit down at Universal are you not paying >$10 for?

Those are some weird complaints.
The person who relied to me must to have know what I was asking. They do give away free chips (i tried it) and also was just saying if the restaurant was charging over ten bucks and no free chips im not a fan

Anyway its good, much better than the Mexican inside the park