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Best places to eat at Disney Springs

bob albert

Sep 18, 2015
Full-serve is gone. I think OP means Wolfgang Puck Express, tucked into a corner behind the Christmas store in Marketplace. Haven't been in years--found it decent food but way overpriced. Similar 90s feel to sit-down Pucks.
Yes I didn't know there was another one. I find the quality is higher than a lot of sit down restaurants which charge more money.


Veteran Member
Apr 7, 2010
Winter Garden Pizza Co. (Italian), Moon Cricket Grille (Sports Bar), The Big Easy (Cajun), Crooked Can as you mentioned, etc.

There's a ton of places to eat down there, i'd suggest walking around a bit. If you go on a weekend, the downtown area is usually pretty lively and busy fyi.
Just an update, we ended up going to Winter Garden last week for my birthday. We hit Crooked Can first. Beers were solid, if not a bit average, but we really like the whole "market" attached. Gave us something to do while we drank.

We ended up eating at The Tasting Room, and it was great. We were there for happy hour, so food was bit better priced. Food and service was really good.

Finally, we ended up at Pilars Martini Bar for an after dinner we were about to leave, the lights went dim, and Star Wars music came on. Apparently a member of the 501st legion was getting engaged, and a bunch of Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, etc walked into the bar for the proposal. One of the coolest random things to ever happen. Especially on my birthday.

In conclusion, if you have the ability/time to drive 40ish minutes out of the Park areas, I highly recommend this town. Lot of great places to shop, eat, and drink at and way more reasonable and less crowded than Disney Springs.
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