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Bill and Ted Speculation: HHN 22


Feb 11, 2010
Orlando, FL
I didn't like it at first last year. It grew on me over time.

At this point in time, I don't like this year because it's so different than what it was last year. Hopefully it'll get better and grow on me again...


Jul 1, 2010
MadMen, Lack of Ted, A Presidential Rap Off? Was there really a story or what? 5 funny minutes including the Chris Farley tribute.
There's actually a Ted reference in the "Laugh-In" style montage at the end.

I'm not sure B&T ever offered truly compelling stories, and when they did offer more traditional plots using other companies' characters, it raised copyright concerns. I like the new rapid-fire formula--much more of the show works for me than for you, I guess, but the weak material is gone quickly as they move onto a new target.


Jan 20, 2010
Lake Mary, FL
I strongly despised the show. The best word to describe it was awkward. I felt like I saw what they were trying to poke fun of, but they kept missing the mark. And what was up with the 90 second Vote for Obama Ad in the middle of the show? My brother in law has not been to HHN in ~6 years and has good memories of B&T. As they started the finale of the show, he asked if we could leave. We were definitely not the only people to walk out. I gave last year a few shows and ended up a little "Eh" overall. This year I will not be wasting any more time with the show at all.


Jul 1, 2010
Total lack of the "chair" gives the show a low grade.
And what was up with the 90 second Vote for Obama Ad in the middle of the show?
As a right-winger myself, I notice a lot of people seem to be having trouble with the unbalanced nature of the presidential parody. (Flat out boos, a couple walk-outs). I am surprised they didn't go for a more even-handed or at least surreal approach to the election.


Veteran Member
Jul 18, 2012
In the thick of it
Yep, like I mentioned in the review thread, that section really put me off and I don't know why they couldn't come up with a more middle of the road approach or flat out degrade both of them (I would have really enjoyed that. Where was the teleprompter?).

The rest of the show was funny for me, but then I've never seen anything related to B&T before this, so I don't have anything to judge it against. I really like it and generally just check my texts or something during the election skit.