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Bringing a 13 year old to Universal

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May 8, 2019
None of your business
Mods, please move if this belongs elsewhere, but searched most forums semi-relevant forums back as far as 2018 and didn't see a better place to post.

Bringing my 13 year old nephew to Universal this spring (post Maris Gras unforunately) and was looking for any general advice anybody could give me. We've gone before with other family members (including his grandfather) that limited what we did as we stayed off site and had one rental car, but this time it's just us. It's going to be a 9hr drive down so the first late afternoon/evening will just be relaxing at the resort.

We're staying at Cabana Bay and doing either 2 or 3 days at the parks. Planning to spend one day at the resort and am buying one regular tube for Lazy River before we go, and getting him a Cabana Bay one there as he has a pool at home and it would be a cool souvineer.

Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. I pretty much know what rides he'll like, but any off the beaten path info would be great.

But of particular interest is about Pat O'Briens. He LOVES music and I think he'd really enjoy Dualing Pianos. We'll be there Mon-Thur (driving home Friday morning) so hoping it's not too busy and wondering what the under age rules are. I've seen younger kids there before, but have also been there when they're strictly carding at the door and charging covers. Is there a time where the dualing pianos are playing (assume they start a particular time each night) and under age kids can walk right in? Would love to try to schedule an hour in there for him to enjoy it.

Thanks in advance for any info!
If he likes music you could take him to the Hard Rock Hotel (take the free boat from CityWalk). They have costumes and other memorabilia. Finish it off with a lunch or dinner in The Kitchen at HRH.