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Cabana Process

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Jun 2, 2017
I reserved our cabana for our upcoming August trip back in May when pre-sales were still happening. Looks like, according to the website, they are back to doing pre-sales, but same week only (site says to call and reserve through Aug 4th). My question is about the process of getting our cabana that morning...curious if anyone who pre-reserved has done it recently.

When we arrive do we need to wait on the same line with everyone else who trying to buy a cabana? Or is there a way to bypass that and go directly to our cabana? We're staying onsite so we really want to take advantage of the extra hour in the morning, but I don't want to be standing around waiting to simply get our cabana if there is a long line of people trying to reserve them. I'd consider even renting a standard locker for an hour or so just so we could use that time to ride slides and then return later to get the cabana.

Anyone done it recently? Is there any direct-to-cabana option? Thanks!
I wrote the question to US and got the following back...
"Once you enter the parks, you may proceed straight to the Concierge Huts inside Universal's Volcano Bay™ to check in for your reservation. An attendant will check you in and walk you straight to your cabana where you will have access to book return times for the attractions that have wait times."

Question: Are the concierge huts the same place that all guests rent premium seating, cabanas, etc? Or are the concierge huts separate? If so, where are they?

Thank you!
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I've done pre purchased reserve seating. The hut rents cabanas, seats, and towels (I think there is a 2nd one with towels, not sure if they do anything else).

The line was not bad, but we did have to wait and someone walks you to your seat/Cabana, so I do not think there is any other way, but things do change and we went back in June.