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Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth

Here’s all the post it notes from the house.
This is awesome. I've always thought about if someone could do this.

So the kid is trying to bring Boris back from the dead at the end of the house, but ends up accidentally resummoning the Totem demons instead, leading to Legendary Truth stepping in to put a stop to it? That's what I'm gathering here.
Not specifying what day or time, but there was a wonderful lounge singer cast member on one of our walkthroughs. A young man ahead of us in line was being extremely obnoxious before and in the house. Well he must have said something to the lounge singer because she immediately called him out in a great in-character way and it shut him up through the rest of the house run lmao
Does anyone know of any books or comics that have the same vibe as this maze? I love the spooky-noir theme and would love to dive deeper into it.
A question for those who are history buffs, since CFU was mostly set during the Post-World War II era in 1946, had anybody noticed any references to the war itself at that time and the Great Depression? The closest one I’ve noticed that was accurate timewise was a picture frame of Harry S. Truman who was president between 45 and 53.