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Cedar Point

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On one hand, closing a location or two would be a very corporate thing to do, but on the other hand they could probably stand to selectively consolidate a bit. SF America is probably worth more if they sold the land to build housing and strip malls, then they could ship some of those rides elsewhere (not that there’s much there).
Judging by my local Cedar Fair park, they don’t have too far to slide!

I have only been to Kings Island this year but it was fine. The Dragster locker situation at Cedar Point isn't great but I haven't heard bad things about their operations. Hopefully, the problems at one park don't bleed into the others.
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Knott's operations haven't been great. Ghostrider is still single train ops, resulting in 3-5 hour lines. Xcelerator is still single train as well (at least, it was when I went two days ago). And of course there's the obvious Montezooma debacle, and apparent Camp Snoopy downgrade (losing the theater)
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Agreed. I am so concerned about this dragging the Cedar Fair parks into the morass of Six Flags.

I think it will be Six Flags parks being brought up, not Cedar Fair parks going down. The top management will almost all be the current CF team running things.

Gonna' be a tad blunt here, Cedar Fair is not in the shape you might think it is. Friends who work at various parks can confirm, they've been slipping over the past several years.