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CityWalk Hollywood


Staff member
Sep 22, 2011
And the problem with continuously raising minimum wage is everything increases along with it. So in the end, it feels like you were making the same as before.
There’s very little proof behind this. It has been studied and while wages go up, prices tend to only go up slightly here or there or even stay stagnant. McDonalds was a good case where the minimum wage went up but the only substantial change to any menu prices was on the Big Mac.

And as @ghostsarejerks said, prices will increase anyway regardless of the minimum wage increasing. It’s been happening for years that way.


aka TestTrack321
Staff member
Feb 15, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
Looks like they're running with a reduced menu. Oddly enough their signature beer is the 862 IPA, just like Orlando and named after its project code. Weird.