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"Dare 2 Escape" Escape Game

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Mar 27, 2019
I have something I want to share with all my fellow horror fans. It relates to HHN because so many of you (like me) travel to Orlando for the event every year. I don't know where else to put this so you'll all see it, so I'm letting fly here. Moderators: I'm not trying to do anything wrong or upset anyone. If the post needs to be moved, please move it or tell me where to repost?

I have mentioned before that I own an escape room (Dare 2 Escape) in Kissimmee. We opened a game called Seventh Room that we say is the scariest game in Florida. Turns out we have actual, real hauntings there. We believe it's due to the props we brought in for the game - there is an old embalming machine (yes, it was actually used), an old Navy trunk, and actual coffins. We have had footage show up on our Nest security camera showing lights going on and props going off in the middle of the night when no one is there. We have doors opening by themselves. Several of us have also seen a shadow man. There is a lot more, but I wanted to give you a quick picture of what is going on. Because of our security footage, we managed to secure a paranormal investigation with a brand new TV show that just started airing on Hulu last week. The show is called Repossessed, and we are Season 1, Episode 3. I thought you all would enjoy watching this. Also, I wanted to invite all my fellow HHN fans to consider coming out to play Seventh Room (or any of our other games - we have a few more creepy ones). www.dare2escape.com We are also considering running a lock in paranormal investigation night some time in September or October as well. This is the link for the Hulu show. https://www.hulu.com/series/repossessed-94056446-ab61-4ae5-9668-0a43fcc42048

We are obviously very excited with the show, and we are already being contacted by other paranormal shows to come film and investigate this summer! As a horror fan, I know I'd want to know about something like this, so I hope you all don't mind me posting it here. Thought it might enhance your HHN season. :) By the way, we've already had 4 of the guys from A&D play, and they loved it! Thanks for reading.