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Death Drums

At first thought I could give two craps about "Death Drums" but whatever keeps more people out of the house lines works for me. It might add to the general park ambiance though hearing the drums as you walk around.
The name bothers me a lot. If they put as little thought into the name as they did the rest of the show, It's gonna be horrible. If this is an adult version of the Jaminators, this is gonna be the best thing ever and I will gladly eat my words. But right now it seems to me like this is an afterthought thrown together to try and rip off Blue Men. I hope I'm wrong, but I just have a very bad feeling about this.

Take into account that the percussionists themselves might have little to nothing to do with what the name is. I think it'll be fine. No Rocky, but fine.

Gotta be better than Brian Bushwood.

I liked him, though I only saw one of the two shows. His fire-eating trick was mundane but it was paired with a thorough history of fire-eating which I found fascinating.
Looking at the map it looks like this show is going to be on the streets between the lagoon and "Your Luck Has Run Out". Huh?
Im glad they put it where they put it, thats ALWAYS a dead part of the park, so at least now they spread the event around the whole park instad of just the outside edges.
I watched the show and it isn't a bad way to kill 5 minutes. There are some problems, the synthacizer when the drums start to play is louder then the drums for a little and Thriller is very muddy and it took me a while to realize that it was Thriller. Other than that the show has a bit of potential and the energy could really build. If you're interested, you are not wasting much time checking it out and you could be watching much worse.
I skipped it at the event but just watched a video of it and am thankfull I skipped it. Not my thing. But hey, if you like drums and zombie dancers doing stomp stuff go for it, it just keeps the house lines a little shorter during that time.