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Nov 23, 2013
Seattle, WA!
Disney's Hollywood Studios has officially unveiled the brand new nighttime show that will take place right before Star Wars, as a 10 minute; projection based show of the Live-Action disney properties, including the likes of Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, The Rocketeer, and Pirates of the Caribbean called "Disney Movie Magic".

The show, will be nightly; as the show launched tonight along with Pixar Live.

DarthVader92 has recorded the show as it is from tonight.

What are your thoughts of disney adding a preshow? Are you happy for it? Are you excited to see more nightlife put in for Disney Hollywood Studios? Comment below!
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I mean, ideally Star Wars would have a section in a more grand "movie" show at Hollywood Studios...Perhaps they are testing that out here
I mean, ideally Star Wars would have a section in a more grand "movie" show at Hollywood Studios...Perhaps they are testing that out here
I'd think that this is a gauge to see how well the public responds to this type of show when it doesn't have Star Wars attached to it. With the crowds from hell drawing closer and closer, they'll probably want something on the scale of Galactic Spectacular to go along with Fantasmic! (or to cover a refurb of it) when Star Wars Land opens.

This of course operates under the assumption that Galactic Spectacular dies when Star Wars Land opens.
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Finally watched some video of it.
Loved that they incorporated Indiana Jones into the show. Those are some of my absolute favorite films and would love to see more representation of them at DHS (specifically a new ride, but that's another topic for another time). It was a good show overall, and I think some fireworks would compliment it nicely. Hoping they can incorporate Star Wars into it and make it all one big nightime show.
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WDW just keeps upping their game with really good entertaining night time shows. Universal needs to get off their butt and do a better job competing in this segment. With all the new onsite hotel rooms, there's no good excuses for Universal to lag so far behind Disney...
With the exception of Epcot, Disney now has at least one projection show and one main show (DHS has 2 main shows) for nighttime entertainment.

Personally I think they're getting to the point where they're over-doing projection mapping and the "WOW" factor is starting to be slightly lost. I do think Happily Ever After is the best use of Projection Mapping on property (since they've been using the tech) though and that's a new addition so who knows.
Saw the show in person tonight (didn't watch video beforehand). The opening with Walt was a nice tribute, although the first few minutes after sort of seemed like a gloried version of the GMR montage.

The Indy, GotG and Tron segments were probably the best. I was actually really surprised by the Tron segment... wasn't expecting that at all.

The main thing that is noticeable between this and the MK projections are that none of the movies shown in this show are Pixar/WDAS... all live action except Nightmare Before Christmas. On the flip side, virtually all of what you see in HEA or Once Upon a Time is animation.
I hadn't known of this before seeing the clip above but I thought it was wonderful. Obviously, the main attraction is here the Star Wars show so it was nice to see them go into some deep tracks for this show. The Rocketeer and Tron? Awesome. The highlight for me though was Indiana Jones. If they do close Great Movie Ride, this projection show (or a longer one with Star Wars as the centerpiece as some have suggested) would be a nice trade off.