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DreamWorks Land coming to USF (2024)

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It would be a good addition, but Orlando would need to implement the original concept of being a "flex space" & rotate out the attraction film with other DreamWorks properties (....like THE RING :devil: )
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Not looking to add screens really to USF, but I wish we were getting a Dreamworks theatre esc attraction here. I love stuff like Philharmagic to just sit inside, enjoy some AC and entertainment. It’d be good as an anchor for this area on top of the meet n greets, food, and interactivity options.
Very little word on the show taking up Barney space.
There's also the "Barney's Backyard" space, that wasn't used previously for Dreamworks. Maybe this is Retail? Besides a merch cart or two, the land does look to be lacking in themed retail spaces.
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