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Tigers just put 40 million into the Lakeland stadium. They aren't going anywhere that I know of.
Sorry, I meant the Nationals out on the Space Coast, not the Tigers.

Both the Nations and Astros are moving south this spring, leaving the Tigers as the northemost team in Lakeland. They've been in that stadium in Lakeland forever though, which is part of the reason they just put that money into it.
Pro Bowl activities for the week began at WWoS today before the game on Sunday at the Orange Bowl.
Also concerning merchandise purchasing, while at the Night of Joy my brother wanted to get a new Jaguars hat and figured that the ESPN WWoS would be a good place to find one. In the primary shop there were absolutely no Jaguars merch or any other team from Florida that we could find. Needless to say there was no sale.

Disney isn't allowed to sale merchandise of other teams that are not directly affiliated w/ Disney or it facilities. As well certain employees can wear sports teams baseball caps. However they can only be professional teams. No college caps are allowed to be worn by CM due to you promoting a university. Kinda goofy but it is what it is.

I still don't understand why this complex exists.

It's practically abandoned most days.

In the summer starting from Memorial Day weekend all the way into August WWoS is packed and running from sun up to at times 1-2am pending on weather delays. The rest of the year its mainly packed on the weekends. Its a one of a kind park and experience and it commands that price in entry fees. As well, it helps that little leagues for all sports hold their national championships at the grounds.
Of all the possible designs for a sign that ESPN WWoS sign looks v familiar - Globe leaning wire frame, Arch yellow ;-)
Of all the possible designs for a sign that ESPN WWoS sign looks v familiar - Globe leaning wire frame, Arch yellow ;-)
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I think it looks much more similar to the Illuminations globe...

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