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Final Show of Bill and Ted!!

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aka Hatetofly
Platinum Member
Mar 16, 2010
So I wanted to get an idea of who is going to the final showing of Bill and Ted this year. Please shout out if your going, I'm gonna do everything I can to be there.
Planning on being there. This'll be my third year for the last show. I'll be attempting to do all the houses one last time and then line up for the show quite early.
While I hope they play nice and open up the last Saturday to FFP holders, I think everyone might be overestimating their willingness to do so, especially after last year... even though the last date is in November this year.
I'll definitely be there, this will be my fourth year I think. Always great shows and so much fun!!!
I second Jwhee's comment. Whats so different and why is it ending early???

Look Im looking to be a youth pastor so I take my faith pretty seriously and still went to the show. I wasnt offended because I knew what I was getting myself into and had only me to blame. Were there times of "what the?!" ohhh yea...and times of "why did I do this" but all in all it was a funny show. People who are being offended need to seriously grow a spine.