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Final Show of Bill and Ted!!


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Aug 19, 2009
Palm Beach Gardens
Those who did this came forward and we talked it out!

Mike download this for me please I'm stuck at work until 1AM!!
I have a copy on my phone. Might be too large to email but can figure a way if you didn't get it

- - - Updated - - -

Opening scene, the chick with the Chainsaw... :drool::thumbs::doggie::confused::died::bonk::pray::hail::jaw::faint::yikes::cheers:

Dude that's the same chick I was talking about also haha.

- - - Updated - - -

Thanks to the hero who filmed it and put it online.

You got to love the effort they put into this also with the multiple different angles and everything. I wonder if they used the glasses with the camera in them or even a Gopro hiding under a shirt