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Future of Revenge of the Mummy


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Dec 13, 2009
Okay...hear me out on this highly unlikely and possibly impossible theory about the leg ticklers.

What if instead of the whole ride or a few carts having leg ticklers...it was just a couple of seats.
Others brought up that this ride was billed as a psychological thrill ride. Whats more psychological than having someone doubt their own memories or senses? Imagine getting off the ride with family and friends and bringing up the leg ticklers only for your party to look at you funny?

IDK just a random thought.
I tend to believe they'd want a consistent ride for everyone...and then part of me thinks this is kind of a fun idea
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Dec 28, 2009
Rode it yesterday and put my hands down under the seat (now that I think about it the TM was probably wondering what I was doing)

As much as I could feel (which isn't terribly much) there is nothing there
If I was there I would have done that, so thank you!

Now I have to feel for air holes

That would actually make much more sense
If it wasn't hairs I would have thought to feel for a perforated metal panel.
But when I described what I felt as being similar to a quick air effect of beetles crawling on your legs, how come it still seemed to be shot down??

It seems I was talking to myself about something else this entire time lol.
The only reason I even have any sort of memory about this (or imagined I did as the case may be) is because I remember being aware of the effect on a day I was wearing shorts instead of jeans. Even if there wasn't something down there after all it's a great example of how effective the overall ride experience is.
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