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Revenge of the Mummy Refurbishment (Late 2022)

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Jan 13, 2016
Hi fellow Orlando theme park enthusiasts. I'm a new user here but have been lurking here for a while on the forums tab.

The past few months I heard some strange rumors regarding two very popular attractions at usf.

A few friends have bumped into me claiming that a local Orlando news station aired an interview of someone who works for universal parks. They claim that the unknown person discussed that revenge of the mummy and men in black:alien attack are going to close. When? I have no idea and honestly I don't think this rumor is true. I tried web searching and nothing came up.

As regards for the attractions closing, no one I've talked to could remember what could replace mummy.
For MIB, one person claimed that he couldn't remember the ip associated, but he said it was something stupid. He did say it was based off of something recent, and it would be just basically a retheme. If I had to guess, he may be referring to universal pictures RIPD, starring Jeff bridges and Ryan Reynolds. Saw the trailer for that a while ago and looks so similar to MIB.

Another person I've talked claims the MIB replacement may be themed to dinosaurs, but doesnt remember. Unfortunately, MIB s maintainable is kinda shaky, like some targets and guns not working properly. I've also noticed it never really has long wait times compared to the rest of the park. Probably because of huge rider capacity.

On a personal note, MIB is definitely not only my favorite but it is indeed the best ride at uor. Not many screens, cool themed sets and animatronics, and the interactivity is out of this world. Uor wouldn't be the same without MIB.

Also, dumb question, was MIB ever rumored to close? I remember rumors that it could've shut down 5-7 years ago, maybe again due to low ridership.
Welcome to OU! What your friends said is probably incorrect. Neither ride has been rumored to close and RIPD was a gigantic bomb at the box office
Well, that was close Also, I heard there are hidden targets/sensors under the big bug. Where could I find those? And is there a dot or mark that identifies the sensors on the aliens on MIB?
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I can't see MIB being replaced by RIPD. The movie was horrible and MIB3 only came out a year before and the franchise still has life in it yet that will make the ride more relevant for years to come.

I also can't see dinosaurs being targets for a ride like this. I don't think people have a problem shooting 'fake' looking aliens or the cartoons on Buzz Lightyear but would have a serious problem shooting animals. Even if they are fake.
A few ideas for a Ghostbusters type ride similar to MIB.

Storyline wise, it's similar to MIB. You're a new recruit about to start your training. While in the queue, you get your photo taken for an ID badge (More on this later). So the ride starts as you get in your ECTO 1 car. It's 4 people per car, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. The back of the seats, is modelled on a proton pack like it's hanging from the person's back in front of you. You're obviously going to be firing a proton pack gun at the ghosts. The area will be slightly foggy, enough so that you can see but also so you can see the assortment of lights firing out your gun so it looks similar to the movies. The finale is you fighting Vigo, which could be a large screen modelled to look like a painting. Once you beat him, the painting changes to this:


Only the faces have been changed to yours using the photo that was taken for your ID badge.

The end!
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If they re-did Mummy as Ghostbuster's (which I would live) and used the female cast it would be the biggest double edged sword in the planet and I would absolutely love it.
I would like to point out that if MIB was replaced by GB. It'd be not cohesive what-so-ever with Worlds Expo (unless they intend on replacing it). Also, GB is set in New York, and in theory; it would make better sense that Mummy gets taken out by the four gals/or gents with the Proton Packs. They wouldn't even have to demolish the building either if they wanted to do a big dark ride. Just more or less, retrofitting the soundstage to a two floor; much similar to possibly TSLoP over at USH.

That being said, I would also like to add; that this could be a great use of mixing Trackless technology with MIB style shooting mechanics. It'd also allow possibly the use of Animatronics, Musion and Screen Based Technology on the demons of New York.

Atleast, in theory.
Well, that was close Also, I heard there are hidden targets/sensors under the big bug. Where could I find those? And is there a dot or mark that identifies the sensors on the aliens on MIB?

There are no hidden sensors on the Big Bug. As for the sensors on others, you can typically see spots that are a little off color from the rest of the bodies.
both mib and mummy movies are suppose to have reboots so they prob wont get rid of them but they might upgrade them in the future