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Grinchmas 2013 Future?

Feb 12, 2013
Not that i think this could happen but would USH ever transport people to the backlot for X Mas events(ala HHN)? Im still pulling for some kind of show other than the backlot 3 min stop.


Jun 17, 2013
That's what it looks like now, especially with the hidden light system that rises out of the ground.

I hope they go all out this year.
So I was there today (Nov 30). The light trusses are set up next to those trap doors. They aren't being used at all - not even for power. Now I really wonder what those are for....

Allen The Actor

Allen The Actor
Jan 10, 2013
Hill Valley, California
I think someone else mentioned they were for something else a while ago, I forgot who. And i believe someone also said that underground light towers would've been too expensive for Universal anyway. I originallt got my info from a Universal employee, so I'm not sure what's underground anymore lol.