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Halloween Horror Nights 19 Reviews & Photos

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Pardon my lack of HHN knowledge, but why would you purposely wait in line when you have the express pass?

As he has said, He was probably just preservering his Express, because after they mark it, its all over for that attraction. Then you must wait in the dreaded stand-by.

Welcome to OU Surfer. :thumbs:
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Part 2 of my review...

It was fun, but kind of a letdown. My oh my though do I love that spinning tunnel. It's so insanely disorientating. I missed the monkeys unfortunately. Too many boo hole scares, they are cheap and easy. I have this one toward the bottom of my list at No. 7 but I still liked it.

The Spawning
I was stunned by this one. I loved it. Brian said it was easily the best run he had of it. Actors were everywhere getting in our faces with those creepy ass glowing eyes. Some dude went balls out and scaled a fence. The ending strobes were uber intense.

Dracula: Legacy in Blood
Holy. Hell. I've been to HHN the past 3 years and this was easily by far the scariest house I've ever done. They go right after you the second you enter the castle until the second you see the exit. I have NEVER seen so many actors in one house. They were freakin' everywhere. Intense beyond words. It rocked my soul.
Final installment

Frankenstein: Creation of the Damned
Pretty cool house. Had some unique visuals and the steampunk look was pretty cool. Unfortunately we caught a cast change. Didn't get any scares but it was a fun house.

Loved it. Easily the best house I've done in the Jaws queue. The detail for that space was awesome. Loved the recordings of Tobin Bell. Got to see alot of the traps go off, and got the airblast when Billy came down his ramp. That was the only cheap scare I got but I dug it. The hallway with the pig heads was creepy. Big ups to the pig who pointed at my Yankees hat and gave me a thumbs up.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure
Fantastic as usual. Probably the best one I've ever seen. Loved the Hobo Myers part as well as the pitchmen. Tons of great moments, so many I can't recall all of them. The last show was great as well.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute
The scariest thing at HHN by far. Sitting front row was a truly horrifying experience.

All in all, this was the best HHN I've ever attended. I had an amazing time hanging out with Brian, Adrianna, Kevin, Rewster, and Loribelle. Good times. Can't wait for HHN20!

House Ranks
1. Dracula: Legacy in Blood
2. The Wolfman
3. Silver Screams
4. SAW
5. The Spawning
6. Frankenstein: Creation of the Damned
7. Chucky
8. Leave it to Cleaver

...and finally moment of the year goes to the cast of the Wolfman toward the end of Halloween night. In one of the rooms someone who looked like a prisoner.. or something.. asked me if I knew how to do the Jerk dance. I said "Nah, sorry man. Rock it out, though!" and he and another actor broke out into it singing the song. Bravo.
I went to HHN in october 23, it was my first HHN ever!! It is an awesome, crazy experience i would definetly would like to try again. So since everyone is posting reviews Ill give it a shot, hope you read =)

First House was chucky:

This house was my first house of the event, i didnt know what to expect I was pretty scared in this house. But i kinda knew the windows chuckey appeared. Fun and scary house. 8/10

Then we went to Spawning:

This house was crazy, the nasty smell, the disorienting light, everyone gets so close to you. I dont know if it was me or this house was longer than chucky (they are supposed to have same space). Glowing eyes were cool, but i didnt stare at them too much! LOL 7/10

Silver Screams

This was our third house and it had like a 10 mins wait but we didnt wanted to use our express on this house either cucky nor spawning because we were too scared so we wanted to wait with the bunch of people. I was in the front of my party (mom and sis) front of me there was an emo guy that was very scared and his mom hugged him haha, funny to watch. The scariest scene for me was my bloody valentine, it was in an hospital and then that guy 6 feet tall open the door, i freaked out, i looked down and continued walking. Then i look baack and hes behind be with his pickaxe ready to throw it, haha it was scary as hell. Great house, for me the longest9/10

We hit MIB after Silver Screens with 0 wait, but we used our express anyways. Then Saw:

What a hot House!!! Wow, some scenes were nasty but awesome. This was the house I wanted to look everything, so I looked at every detail, I saw many traps including Amanda! The end was insane, I didnt stand in that room not even a second, I knew it was coming because i read a spoiler and when we hit that I ran and pushed everyone out haha. 6/10

After that we met with 3 guys ( 2girls and a guy) that went to chucky with us. They didnt had fastpass so we went to Leave it to Cleaver with them and waited 20 mins. I have to admit chainsaws are the worst for me, I hate them! They always scares me so much! Best house of the night for me, i cant belive how people said it was the worst. The ending was amazing!! I ran like I was in a marathon haha! 10/10

After Leave it to cleaver we spent some time in Apocalypse second best scarezone, the best was Hacktion. After apocalypse we hit Freankstein: The line was 60mins so the guys of cleaver left and we used our fastpass. Good house, it was pretty scary those tall guys in front of you. I liked the ending when all the cast was passing in front of you. 8/10

After Frankenstein we sat in Monster Cafe to Chill out, we were getting ready for dracula because I read i was the scariest house and all that. At the beggining of the house, there were so many cast, I saw Dracula only one time. But that house seemed never ending. One part that scared me the most was a fat guy eating a rat or a bird or sometghing like that, then the line stopped moving and that guy was beside be, I didnt looked at him too much and then he soaked my back and I started pushing everyone to get out of that room. At the end I was a little dissapointed because I was expecting something very scary but I t wasnt that bad. Is a tie with Silver Screams. 9/10

Final House Wolfman: Pretty cool, something I hat is being last in the whole group like nobody behind me not even a stranger nothing. Wow, some of the actors whispered on my back, I freaked out and Pushed everyone haha lol! I missed the last scene, but the part of the wolfman trying to grab you from the rocks. Good house, but not too scary. But being last is crazy haha!7/10


Best Lights Camera Hacktion
Worst: Contaiment

1. Hacktion- 10
2. Apocalypse- 10
3. Cirque Du freak 9
4. War of the living Dead- 8
5. Horrorwood- 6
6. Contaiment- 1


1. Leave it to Cleaver
2. Dracula
3. Silver Screams
4. Chucky
5. Frankenstein
6. Spawning
7. Wolfman
8. Saw

Well that was my night, we arrived like at 6:30pm and left at 1:00 am, we didnt get to see the shows but we rode everything except for jaws. I really recommend express passes, I got them because of the reviews ive read here =). A great event HHN!!

OOO and something else!!? Do the blood sucker really has alcohol, cuz it didnt taste nothing like alcohol and it didnt said on the package contains alcohol or something similar. I didnt drink it, cuz im not supposed but I tried it was good!
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Sorry for this late review but might as well give my opinion and thoughts of HHN 19.
Friday October 2, 2009 6:30pm-2:00am

1.Chucky: Friends Til The End. Wait time: 5 min Description: This House was honestly AMAZING!!! From start to finish me and my friend were holding on to each other as the scareactors were on their A-game. Definitly one if not the strongest house of the night, and also the sets were very creatively done well for a tent house. Overall 5/5

2.Silver Screams. Wait time: 5 min Description: Loved this house especially a known classic scene the Phantom of The Opera. Many of the movie sets were done well, but got to agree with some when i say each move set was a little too short. Besides its little flaws the scareactors in here were just great!!! must of gotten 4-5 BIG SCARES. Overall 4/5

3.Saw. Wait time: 10 min Description: The reputation of the jaws que houses was broken here, I mean im not saying the house was great but definitly not bad. I found alot of great classic saw traps and actually found some great scares here. Overall 3.5/5

4.Dracula: Legacy In Blood. Wait time: 15 min Description: This house was just FANTASTIC!!! I mean the sets were astonishing and the scares in this house were nonstop hell! I really cant say any flaws except where was dracula? at least his brides scared the living crap out of me! Overall 5/5

5.Frankenstein: Creation of The Damned. Wait time: 10 min Description: To be honest I really didnt have high hopes but wow Universal surprised me here when I stepped foot into the soundstage, I mean again the sets just were great and the whole atmosphere here is breathtaking. The scareactors here definitly were good, not great but pretty strong in some scenes like the room used for body collectors back in 08'. Overall 4/5

6.Wolfman. Wait time: 5 min Description: This house i definitly couldnt wait to enter so when i did i became amazed with it and just cant believe how well everything here is done up. The scares here were good, the sets were amazing, and the atmosphere couldnt have been any better! Overall 3/5

7.Leaver It To Cleaver. Wait time: 20 min Description: Let me say WOW! when it comes to this being one of the most pointless houses ever! I mean the sets were done good but this house was more funny then scary from start to finish and Felt stupid for even waiting 20 to 25 minutes for a house that only amused me and maybe gave me one good scare. Overall 2.5/5

8.The Spawning. Wait time: 30 min Description: I really had high hopes for this house since usually the ones expected to suck end up being one of the best but even the title of the house should have set the little bell in my head not to waste my time. Compared to the others this one lack big time in scares and big time in sets. I even felt maybe later in the night i would give this house another try but the 45 min wait convinced me to stay with my decision. Overall 1.5/5

Quick Summary on Scare Zones.
1.Containment- Too short, not enough fogs, limited scares! Overall 2/5
2.Lights, Camera, HACKTION!- Nice sets, good scares, good amount of scareactors. Overall 4/5
3.Horrorwood- Nice sets, Um okay scares, loved the different characters. Overall 3.5/5
4.Cirque du Freak- Too small! actually good scares, good theming. Overall 3/5
5.War of The Living Dead- Descent length, great atmosphere, strong scares. Overall 4.5/5
6.Apocalypse: City of Cannibals- Way too small for a scare zone, limited theming, plus side i counted about 10 to 12 scareactors!!! pretty good scares. Overall 2.5/5

Bill & Ted show- Really funny, good length, great humor. Overall 4.5/5

*Waits averaged 5-30 mins with the exception of Leaver to Clever: 45 min, Saw 75 min, and Spawning at 60 mins.
*Park was crowded but very manageable.
*Did Chucky 3x, Silver Screams 2x, Saw 2x, Wolfman 2x, Dracula 2x, and Frankenstein 2x without express!!!

-Overall Rank of Houses (HIGHEST TO LOWEST)
3.Silver Screams
7.Leaver it to Cleaver
8.The Spawning

-Rank of Scare Zones (HIGHTEST TO LOWEST)
1.Lights, Camera, HACKTION
2.War of The Living Dead
4.Cirque du Freak

Overall Event Halloween Horror Nights 19: 4/5-This year was much better than 18, and somewhat with 17, but not the strongest year. I found this year to be really enjoyable and cant wait to see whats in store for the 20th year.
ok been reviewing old HHN and loved this one just dont have any photos to look at.... A lot of these photos on this thread are broken links or not showing up could you guys post links of your photos from this event? would love to check them out!! oh and UMTH photos would be awesome sense i was not able to do it that year!!!

Do note the flashing lights and strobes. In fact that’s all you really see from these videos of the Chucky house from 2009.

Anyone know what music was playing near the end in the Tiffany room? Was it from the Child’s Play series?

I’m curious why Michael Myers didn’t debut in Orlando in 09’.
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