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Halloween Horror Nights 33 (UOR) - Speculation & Rumors

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Brian G.

Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
This thread is dedicated to all Speculation & Rumors for this year's Halloween Horror Nights 33 event at Universal Orlando.

As always, we ask that all speculation come from realistic expectations and adds to the discussion. Please keep discussions about wishful thinking/dream properties to the HHN Wish List threads. Official news will be shared on the News & Info thread.

We will be monitoring this thread very closely. We understand the appeal of a new speculation season and everyone is antsy to start talking about what's next. At the same time, we don't want the threads to devolve into chaos. We kindly ask you to please respect the guidelines of discussion so we can avoid locking discussions.


DISCLAIMER: This thread contains discussion centered around rumors and sometimes could include baseless speculation, and should be treated as such. Posts are not confirmations. Any official announcements for HHN will be shared on our main site, InsideUniversal.net
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- Universal Monsters (keeping it going until EU?)
- Five Nights at Freddy's (seems like a very likely contender. Strong partnership, made appearances this year, performed very well at the box office)
- IIRC, the creative team mentioned this year at a panel that they are happy maintaining the 5/5 split in the foreseeable future
- Another UO defunct attraction house? Yea or Nay?

- Return of the Lagoon Show (construction of new show thought to be wrapped up before HHN)
- Nightmare Fuel (returning for a 4th year?)

- Likely same as HHN32?
- MIB plot (thought to be dead)
- Minions (thought to be dead)
- 11th house? (everyone's favorite annual rumor)
- Sprung Tents to Warehouses? 2024? 2025? Never? (going around via RIP Tour Guide word-of-mouth and this tweet)
- Kidzone construction will be finished

Some Vaguely Notable 2024 Horror Movies:
- Return to Silent Hill (previously at the event)
- Strangers Trilogy (previously at the event)
- Radio Silence Universal Monster movie (Universal film, monster movie, etc.)
- Beetlejuice 2 (previously at the event)
- Jordan Peele's 4th movie (Has collaborated multiple times with the event in Orlando and Hollywood. Universal film. 12/25 release date probably makes it more likely for HHN 2025, if at all)
Can’t wait to see how crazy this thread gets :lol: . Anyway, here is my personal speculation for 33.
  • No 11th House (10 houses are here to stay)
  • 5/5 Split
  • Nightmare Fuel Returns
  • New Lagoon Show
  • The Event Stays at USF
  • Another Icon Takes the Stage (Don’t know if it would be a brand-new Icon or a returning one. Personally, I’d like to see Caretaker return).
  • David S. Pumpkins Returns lol

As for IPs…

I’d Bet Money on It
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s (Blumhouse)
  • Universal Monsters: Creature + Metaluna Mutant + Mole People


  • Silent Hill (New movie releasing next year. Would give the team a chance to finally adapt the games properly)
  • Terrifier (Both the director and the actor who plays Art have shot down the “controversial” theories about Art the Clown. Plus, Terrifier 3 releases next year.)
  • Fear Street (Since another movie is in development, I could see this showing up as early as next year)
  • The Weeknd (Singapore getting it this year opened the door for a potential “sequel” imo)
  • The Horrors of Blumhouse: M3GAN, Night Swim, Imaginary (Maybe no Imaginary?)

Unlikely, But There’s a Small Chance
  • Beetlejuice 2
  • The Last of Us (Another chapter from Part I)
  • The Fall of the House of Usher
  • Gremlins (Chucky puppets opened the door for this)
  • Alan Wake (The sequel released last month)
  • The Strangers Reboot
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Extremely unlikely, but skipping the 50th would be a little strange)

Yeah, No
  • The Conjuring
  • IT
  • Scream
  • The Thing

As for Originals….
  • Poseidon’s Fury (If Dueling Dragons can get a house, so can this)
  • Leave It 2 Cleaver (I will forever request this lol)
  • Scarezone to House (Sweet Revenge, Graveyard, Invasion, or Vamp)
  • Planet Exploration (Kinda like Amazon Cannibals from Planet Hell)
  • Christmas/Winter Setting Original

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- Another UO defunct attraction house? Yea or Nay?

I'm going to say "Nay".

Dueling Dragons looked great and was a great nod to the attraction, but it wasn't scary. If it wasn't for the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia, a lot of people wouldn't be as high on it.

But at least Dragons was beloved. The most common thought is that Poseidon is "up next" and while it had its fans, let's be real - it was mostly made fun of. In addition, the highs of Poseidon (the vortex, the disappearing wall/ceiling) would be very hard to replicate in a house setting. All that's left is what people called a "knock-off Power Ranger villain".

I'd rather them do an original "Greek myth" house and not be bound by the shackles of nostalgia.
IP predictions

1st tier, very confident these will happen:

(Do I even need to explain? No? Good. Lol.)

• The Fall of the House of Usher

(if you haven't seen this show already... I'm begging y'all to watch it. It has so much house potential I need it to happen!!! I put this in 1st tier because a.) It's doing very well: 'The Fall of the House of Usher' Dethrones 'Suits' From Top Spot on Nielsen Charts b.) It's Mike Flanagan's last Netflix series. Would be cool to have both his first (Haunting of Hill house) and his last Netflix horror series be at hhn.. c.) Like I said, this show just has so much house potential. I can see it clear as day in my mind... If done right it could be HOTY material.

• The Weeknd: Dawn FM

(HHN singapore JUST had a Weeknd house this year that was unique/different to the one we got last year... so this one is a no-brainer considering how well ours did last year on both coasts)

• The Last of Us Part 1: *insert subtitle to differentiate from the first house*

(There is soooooo much left to cover from the first game... We've barely covered any of it and I think it would be amazing if they brought TLoU 1 back next year and maybe the year after kinda the same way TWD was handled before they go into 2. There's just so much left to do/cover from the first game... It would be a real shame if what we got this year is all we get out of TLoU 1 all things considering.)

2nd tier, possible but not completely sure yet

•Universal Monsters: Creature from the Black Lagoon or a house based on the Epic Universe ride Monsters Unchained: the FRANKENSTEIN Experiment.

(Put this in 2nd tier because I'm pretty confident one of these will happen 100% but not sure which one is more likely. Either way I'm happy with either or.)

•Beetlejuice 2

(or a repeat of 1? Not likely since we just got that house 2 years in a row very recently but who knows.)

• Silent Hill

(if it wasn't for the fact that TLoU was a huge success and that the house this year only covered 1 section of the game... this would've gone in tier 1 but alas. Would be nice if both happened but I doubt it)

• Resident Evil [any of the games]

(Honestly would be amazing to get another RE house at HHN again. There's so many games they can do. I would prefer to get a house based off 7 or 4, but I'm okay with any of the other games getting a house too.)

• Ghostbusters

(We're getting a new GB movie before HHN starts so... I guess a house based on 2/Afterlife or Frozen Empire could happen. Wouldn't be opposed to it I guess?)

• Thanksgiving

(Eli Roth has worked with Universal/HHN in the past and considering the great reviews the film is getting, I wouldn't be shocked that this happens next year. Helps that HHN Hollywood just did Holidayz in Hell which has a lot of Thanksgiving related set pieces that can be reused if they did this house...)

• Imaginary

(Another Blumhouse horror film so y'know. It could happen. It looks great from the trailer I saw and I think it could work as a house.)

3rd tier, not likely to happen

• Terrifer: 1, 2 or 3.

(I think despite how popular this franchise has gotten, I don't think it's that likely to happen at least not soon. I would honestly love it though if it did. I really enjoyed the 2nd one and think the third one has a lot of potential)

• Gremlins

• Chucky season 3

(Since we just got Chucky and the ORL house was not well received... I doubt this will happen. But I'm loving season 3 and the white house setting would be really cool for an HHN house. Probably too political but idk.)

• Insidious

(Not much to say here but since I've never experienced an Insidious house I would be really if it returned to HHN)

• Saw/The Conjuring

(Once again... not much to say here. Especially since these two were at SF Fright Fest this year i don't think either or will happen at HHN ever again lol. But Saw X was amazing, think an HHN house for that film would be a 10/10 if executed properly.)

• Scream

Originals I want to see happen

• Poseidon's Fury house.

• Anything X-MAS related. I love a good Christmas themed HHN house.

• A Comic-book/Superhero inspired comedy horror house that is a satire on the genre as it is today. Something in the same vein as The Boys/Gen-V.

A Western/Cowboy era house

• Alien invasion

• Body Collectors, Leave it to Cleaver, Slaughter Sinema or a La Llorona sequel house.

• Sweet Revenge (2022 scare-zone) house

• ICON house (if they do another one next year)

General things I want to see at HHN 33

More Icons. Preferably new/original ones but a returning icon I would be alright with. Also please please please just give us a new female one. That would be great. Blood Mary coming back though... that would make me cry.

• SS 25 to return. I don't know how likely this is considering its barely been at the event, but I would love to see them make a house in this SS again. Even though ST2-3 wasn't a masterpiece of a house, I still loved it and to this day they haven't made a house as big or epic as that one. Also I didn't get to experience it but the Poltergeist house that was in this SS looked phenomenal.

• An original show based around Oddfellow replacing Nightmare Fuel. A twitter mutual I was talking to proposed this idea and I haven't gotten over it.

• Revolving Tunnel to come back. I've NEVER gotten to experience this in any HHN I've gone to and I want to so bad!!!!!

So for now that's it lol. Can't wait for next year :sob:
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general predictions:
- Another Icon, new or returning
- lagoon show
- M3GAN horde returns
- David S Pumpkin
Feeling good about
- Monsters: Creature from the black lagoon/Darkmoor
I could see
- Beetle2uice (if it doesn’t get delayed)
- Fear Street
- Terrifier
- Silent Hill
- House of Usher
- Strangers
I would like
- Gremlins
- Scream
- IT
I’m not seeing it
- Weeknd (or any artist house, sorry)
- Last of Us (not until part 2 comes out anyway)
- Horror of Blumhouse (FNAF already fills the Blumhouse spot, but in the off chance they adapt the games over the films, switch this and silent hill on the tiers)
- Icon house
The rest are impossible to predict so some I’d like are
- Christmas/holidays house (if no gremlins)
- Sci Fi
- Leave it 2 cleaver
- a new scary tales, or any fantasy type house
- Vamp house
*Major tweeks to the HHN tickets, but not a complete overhaul
*Replacement to Nightmare Fuel, but same operational group with a different story and theme.
*New and even better Lagoon show
*Dance & musical Show on a temporary NY stage. Something like the Meghans, but with a different theme and a set stage show time schedule. A follow up to the very popular successful group that was hampered by not having a set spot.
There were rumors of a Jordan Peele original for Hollywood a little while back. Granted, I don't know how credible those rumors were, but with his company having two movies out next year (one directed by him and another produced), and with him likely having a big presence at Horrors Unleashed in 2025, I would expect him to have some kind of presence this year.
Never really saw Dueling Dragons as a tribute to the ride, mostly just a name to slap on a medieval house they've been dying to do for a while and get some "fan credits" lol

I do think they can easily create a Greek/Atlantis Myth house and slap Poseidon's Fury name on it for brownie points, they don't have to follow the attraction's story exactly. Will probably happen in a few years though, would be odd to build a house when the facade is probably still up.

I'd have to imagine Universal is trying everything it can to capitalize on getting rights to Beetlejuice.
I'm going to say "Nay".

Dueling Dragons looked great and was a great nod to the attraction, but it wasn't scary. If it wasn't for the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia, a lot of people wouldn't be as high on it.

But at least Dragons was beloved. The most common thought is that Poseidon is "up next" and while it had its fans, let's be real - it was mostly made fun of. In addition, the highs of Poseidon (the vortex, the disappearing wall/ceiling) would be very hard to replicate in a house setting. All that's left is what people called a "knock-off Power Ranger villain".

I'd rather them do an original "Greek myth" house and not be bound by the shackles of nostalgia.
Yeah, I'm definitely not head over heels for it myself. More in the "wouldn't be shocked if it happened" boat. Nostalgia sells, but PF hasn't been dead long enough to really be nostalgic lol. But hey, the final PF shirt from when it closed sold out immediately, so who knows? I'm sure the name alone would push more merch than an OG Greek myth house.

I do think they can easily create a Greek/Atlantis Myth house and slap Poseidon's Fury name on it for brownie points, they don't have to follow the attraction's story exactly. Will probably happen in a few years though, would be odd to build a house when the facade is probably still up.

Yeah, pretty much that (whether I like it or not lol).

Let's get right into this, I've had some (IMO) pretty solid predictions for next year for a lil while now:

  • UNIVERSAL MONSTERS: WELCOME TO DARKMOOR (SOUNDSTAGE 23A/BLOOD MOON) - Does Darkmoor sound familiar? If not, it's the rumored name for the Classic Monsters village at Epic. I think next year's house will be a living teaser for the land and ride, setting up the story for it. I think it could also be the last UM house for a little while.

  • BEETLEJUICE 2 OR THE STRANGERS (SOUNDSTAGE 22/EXORCIST) - I was starting to think they'd instead go with Strangers due to the strikes, but now that they've ended, I think Beetlejuice 2 will avoid delay and still release next September 8th, just around the time HHN will begin. They could go either or here, both would be big draw-ins.

  • THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF THE USHER (SOUNDSTAGE 23B/ST4) - Haven't watched the show yet, but it's been getting universal praise, it's Mike Flanagan's last show for Netflix, and it's more Edgar Allan Poe!

  • POSEIDON'S FURY: DARKENNON'S REVENGE (SOUNDSTAGE 24A/DRAGONS) - Poseidon reference in the podcast, plus it just seems very fitting to have another Lost Continent defunct attraction become a haunted house. Could give it another VS treatment, different endings with either Poseidon or Darkennon winning. I would also think that unlike Dragons, this would very intentionally be the campy house of the year.

  • FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S (NEW PARADE BUILDING/LAST OF US) - I mean, come on. What more can I say that hasn't already been said?

  • THE WEEKND: AFTERLIFE NIGHTMARE OR MUSE: WILL OF THE PEOPLE (OLD PARADE BUILDING/MONSTERS) - While yes, I think Weeknd could very easily return with a new house based on the Afterlife album, assuming it's releasing next year, I think there's a chance we could also have a Muse house! You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween (a song used in Nightmare Fuel this year), the music video for that song alone could make for a great haunted house.

And some other non-house predictions: Another new Icon, I believe they will save Jack vs Oddfellow for 35 or 40. Lagoon show will make a return, Nightmare Fuel will make a return or it's just a new show that still has the Fuel Girls.
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A solid shot at coming

Weeknd (Dawn fm)
Five Freddys at Night (trying not to add to the fnaf counter lol)
Monsters Creature Feature (ie black lagoon, just don't make it a dueling house or have a lot of different monsters. Focus on creature, por favor)

Maybe I don't see why not

Fear street
Silent Hill (only reason I have it placed here is because the remake is coming out next year)
Beelt juice 2
House of usher
Nightmare on elm street *
Friday the 13th *

*the rights aren't in limbo anymore, I THINK lol

pipe dream
Lost boys
Alan wake

scream (plz to the studio that holds the rights to ghost face, let us have a win)
Gut predictions pretty hot off of the heels of HHN32:


10 Houses, 5 Original, 5 IP.
5 Zones.
2 Shows.

Aug 30th - Nov 3rd, 6:30pm to 2 am.


1. Five Nights at Freddy's, B108 (I would kill for a B79 FNAF but I don't think it will end up like that.)

Feels pretty obvious honestly. Set design works incredibly well, the game is based around jumpscares so it would work better as a house than Silent Hill or Last of Us, it made bank the first weekend, and lots of merch potential.

2. Saw, F&F Tent

Consistently used IP that is easy to squeeze in smaller locations, has recent movie releases, wouldn't be too hard to get rights for.

3. Nightmare on Elm Street, SS??

Classic IP that hasn't been seen in close to 8 years. Friday is mired in legal issues still and Yeti was too close in visual aesthetic to feel comfortable predicting that. WB has the rights, they're a bit of a wild card. Could go either way between getting or not getting the rights, for this or if they try for Beetlejuice 2.

4. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, SS??

Going out on a limb with this one. Feels pretty distinct from other houses they've done as of late, and the ice monster/supernatural threat seems more suited for a thrilling haunt than the 80s comedy original ever could.

5. Creature from the Black Lagoon, B79

He's the last one!

6. New Icon House, Sprung Tent 1

7. Poseidon's Fury, SS??

This one feels unlikely. It's like predicting Dawn FM after HHN31, but in lieu of other original ideas to go off of, it's a consideration. The other big original concept attraction from UOR, and one that was already a walkthrough. I wasn't a fan of DD, but setting us down in Atlantis during the attack from Darkanon on the kingdom as it happens seems like a much easier thing to accomplish than scares revolving around literal Dragons. Greek Gods and warriors fighting against monsters and Dark knights sounds like a cool way to callback to PF without having to 1 to 1 recreate the Tunnel Room or anything. Don't make it about Taylor, set it fully in the backstory he read about on the wall's of Darkanon's tomb, only this time Darkanon wins. Bad ending Lost Continent stories seem like a cool path to take.

8. Jungle House, SS??

I've been feeling it for years, but we've not gotten one since maybe TotA in 26? I never went through that one unfortunately. Would love to see something happen here.

9. ORIGINAL GOES HERE, Sprung Tent 2

I don't feel like there are any notable leads for original houses atm, so I thought of what I could.

No new house locations, no MinionFlex for now and MiB is retired.


5 Zones, all in the same basic layout as last year except for the opening zone, which places the HHN sign truss where it was in HHN32 for opening scaramonies, as well as taking over both the road thru VCMB and to the right towards Hollywood like 32. Features another Icon stage.

David S. Pumpkins returns alongside the other Meet n Greet characters (Bride of Frank, Purgers, M3gan, Freddy Fazbear) in a new experience inside HMU Show theatre.

Death Eaters return to Diagon with more fanfare and a larger scale show.


1. Halloween Nightmare Fuel: Flashburn

4th show with new set-up and framing device, a new Nightmare Queen dressed in black continuing from Revenge Dream, and a few new magic tricks. Bed swap and Globe Explosion retired for other tricks.

2. Ghoulish.... 2!!

Not actually Ghoulish 2, but I anticipate it will probably be closer to that than Marathon of Mayhem. No IP, even if I'd love to hear TLT FNaF theme reverberating through Central Park's zone. :love::lmao:

- No M3gan-type street shows return.


- Kidzone construction will be complete, allowing operations to return to relative normal for the back houses (B79, B108, Sprung's 1 & 2), with some queuing adjustments for the new Panda and Shrek theming.

- Food is still going to be pretty gross haha.

- A new icon! Not a returning one, but instead either a completely new character, an Oddfellow-type situation where a previously named character is expanded upon, or even bringing back a "Lost Icon" per say like Cindy or Bone. Adding someone new to the group, who also has limited connections to the OG Icons, and/or actively dislikes and works against them. This is all in lead-up to HHN35's Icon Civil War theme, which is definitely a thing that is definitely going to happen and not something that should probably be saved for a Wishlist post. :skull: The Icon will be used for merchandise and theming across the event, but largely not for marketing.

- The music loop will incorporate some more TikTok beat influence like 32 but with a different tone and vibe.

- A unified theme across all houses and zones again, spurred on by the new Icon.

- No new rides will be added to the lineup.

- Tribute Store returns in New York with another all original theme. No IP rooms.

- All in USF, no cross park houses in IoA. I think that's obvious enough to not say, but I know we'll be discussing it again by February.

- Some changes to Multi-Day Passes, especially Rush of Fear, but not as many as people might think due to Universal wanting as much business as possible right before the Pre-EU drought really sets in.

- New tagline, "Go Alone, or don't actually!" :skull::devil:

Okay, that's most of what I've got. Happy spec! Here's to 2024!
Why on earth would Universal want to do House of Usher, when they could just do another Edgar Allen Poe house and not pay for the rights? And there’s fewer scares in Usher than there were in Bly Manor.

Yeah, and you don't even have a central location to anchor the experience (Hill House) or a central baddie to market the IP around (Bent-Neck Lady).

The show is arguably a success for Netflix and was another reliably solid Flanagan effort, but it doesn't scream Horror Nights.