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Halloween Horror Nights 33 (UOR) - Speculation & Rumors

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That's the one I was struggling to remember!!

Except for the fact that before all that explosion of fame, they DID have an appearance at HHN in the 90s. Back when the event(s) were mostly show entertainment based.

Right, but that was before their explosion of fame, and the run was drastically shorter. That appearance likely drove their interest in doing the haunted house -- which they only visited once -- but it's not really an indicator that they'd be willing to go for a full season of shows, especially with Teller's public health complications.
They should Newk Las Vegas again for Horror Unleashed. But include Lady Luck. It'd make their 2 rounds of HHN come full circle lol

Hot take: a diamond in the rough but definitely gets hyped up more due to being featured in an otherwise very off-year lineup wise.
The special part of the house was that it was a scrapped concept from their planned 3-Run house which ultimately resulted in a 2-run & this concept on the shelf

Hotter take: Dead End was better
Hottest take: House of Horrors was the best because it succeeded with being severely last minute (thanks Transformers)
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I remember you saying that you thought Hollywood had a stronger overall event that year..
I'll say that based off the videos I've seen of that year, Hollywood definitely had the better Silent Hill house. Though it looked pretty good on both coasts IMO. Hope it finally comes back this year :ghost:

silent hill dancing GIF by hoppip
They looked at everything that went wrong with 2010's Legendary Truth house and improved it tenfold. All-timer.
I was about to say, I vividly remember folks saying that Dead End was everything LT: The Wyndot Estate should've been. From the bits and pieces I saw via videos, that house looked like it was chock full of creative rooms/effects and some vicious looking scares. A bigger variety than what Gothic looked to have. (Yes, Gothic looked pretty darn cool as well, but I think its popularity was riding solely on those flyers. At least by my limited viewpoint.)
Nah, I thought that house was a crushing disappointment in a year of unfortunate misfires. You could tell Penn & Teller loved doing it, but it just didn't work.
I disagree. I thoroughly enjoyed the house. The glasses they gave you blocked out your peripheral vision which added to it for me.
More @Legacy and "Pinhead" tidbits from Discord:

Legacy: "At this point, the 4th IP (in regards to the rumored 4/6 split) remains the only question"
User: "so the main three so far are Ghostbusters, Nightmare On Elm Street, Uni Monsters: Dracula, and an unknown IP?"
Legacy: "Yep."
User: "was A Quiet Place actually “leaked”? Or the rumor mill has it heavily speculated"
Legacy: "Those three have been steady for about 2 months. Five Nights at Freddys was steady until it wasn’t. I haven’t heard Silent Hill since early January. Heard A Quiet Place three weeks ago"
"Pinhead"/IKnowMoreThanYou: "There's 1 more IP I've steadily heard about, but not as a house or zone."
With this current list, if I may start some early location spec/educated guesses:

Ghostbusters (SS22/Exorcist) - This was where the 2019 GB house was located, and that plaza can fill up quite a large queue.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (SS23B/ST4) - This has been the iconic slasher IP location for the past few years (TCM in 2021, Halloween in 2022). Plus, funnily enough, this was where Freddy's last solo house was in 2007 with Dreamwalkers.

Monsters: Dracula (Sprung 3/4 (interchangeable)) - Considering both of the new sprungs seem they're going to be a bit bigger than the current two, I can definitely see them potentially putting Dracula in one of them. I mean, we've seen Ancient Rome put in a sprung before, why not add Transylvania to the gallery?

Didn't add A Quiet Place due to it not being as steady as the other three, but just for fun, if I had to hazard a quick guess then I'd say SS23A/Blood Moon.