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Hard Rock Cafe

Brian G.

Staff member
Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
Surprised there isn't a dedicated thread already.


Hard Rock Cafe has rolled out its limited-time Festival menu, including all-new items, or fun twists on loved Hard Rock classics; available until Sept 25.

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Veteran Member
Apr 4, 2013
Mad props to the Hard Rock Cafe crew. When I ate there a couple of weeks ago, I asked if I could get pickles on my burger. My server told me that to his knowledge, pickles weren't on the menu there. Sure enough, they managed to find some, and they were delicious. :thumbsup:


Jun 20, 2009
Ft. Worth, TX
Thought the Old Fashioned was pretty great, especially considering it was only $6. The Honey Soy Wings were my favorite food item on the menu, and I could have probably eaten 3 more orders of them. Also tried the Crispy Spring Rolls which were better than I thought they would be, but probably wouldn't be something I would order again.