HHN '17: Most Anticipated House

Which haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights - Hollywood are you most looking forward to this year

  • The Horrors of Blumhouse

  • Titans of Terror

  • Insidious: Beyond the Further

  • American Horror Story: Roanoke

  • The Shining

  • Ash vs Evil Dead

  • Saw: The Games of Jigsaw

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Jun 28, 2017
HHN '17: Most Anticipated House

Mod Note: Walking Dead not listed due to the attraction not being exclusive to HHN.
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Mar 8, 2016
Burbank, Ca.
Shining for me, definitely looking to what they do with that one. Also not a house, but I am thrilled that they brought back RIP, I really missed having that as an option.
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Jun 6, 2016
I will just do my list of Most Anticipated to Least Anticipated in terms of Mazes.

1. Shining - I love The Shining. One of my favorite Horror Films ever. There are a lot of scenes they can use. Bear Scene, Twin Girls, Elevator Blood, Here's Johnny, All Work and No Play, Etc. I have high hopes but I am a little concerned at the same time. Nonetheless my most anticipated.

2. Titans of Terror - I really love the concept of this Maze and how it's going to be extremely original. I'm a huge Freddy Fan so I'm very happy to see him back for this year. And I just really love the concept. Also the fact that Murdy is trying to make it better than FVJ makes me more excited because FVJ was a incredible maze.

3. Ash Vs Evil Dead - I really like the TV Show. I liked Season 1 and LOVED Season 2. It's crazy and funny at the same time. I'm excited to see Ash at the event for the first time as he's a great character. And I think as a Horror Comedy Maze this will go pretty well (Not like the last one).

4. AHS - I think Roanoke is alright. The fact they want to go with the Second Half of the Season is understandable even though that's the low point for me. First Five Episodes are amazing, Last Five... Yikes. But the concept art at Scarela looked great and I'm sure it's gonna make a Great maze. It also gives the Season more space to breathe rather than last year's Mashup of 3 Seasons so also happy about that. And I'm excited for the Surprise Ending.

5. Insidious - I liked the Maze Announcement TBH. I love the 2015 Maze a lot. I'm happy that this will be based on the 4th film mostly and that they are gonna use scenes they haven't used from Chapter 3, 2, and 1 in the Maze (Most likely). I think this could push the boundaries in terms of Mazes as the 2013 and 2015 Maze did in terms of Effects and Scares. So I'm excited for it. Not too much but not too little.

6. Blumhouse - I like the Facade and I'm looking forward to Sinister. That's it. The Purge is repetitive and Happy Death Day looks laughably bad. Seriously a Movie about someone dying over and over is PG13. What? Anyway I'm not too happy about Get Out not being in the Maze. Should be interesting to see if they execute it well and how it will be the Longest Maze. I'm not excited for it at all really (Except for Sinister).

7. Saw - It's a repeat. That's it. The Logo is the same as 2009's. The Facade is different. There is one new scene stated by Murdy. Which was the same thing 2010's Maze did. They added One New Scene. The Traps should be fun at least. The Scares are very concerning. As I think the Scares in this Maze will be Weak and repetitive. Overall not excited for this Maze at all.

8. TWD - ...


Aug 16, 2016
1. The Shining - my favorite horror movie, enough said.

Why it Could be Great: So much material there; if Jack is in it a lot, I'll be happy.

Why it Could be Awful: A lot of the iconic scenes are hard to translate, for instance, making scareactors look like Jack, blood elevators, etc. so it could get really cheesy really fast.

2. AHS - I loved Roanoke and thought the later episodes were terrifying and I'm excited to experience those episodes in real life.

Why it Could be Great: A lot of the scariest scenes in the series we're in Roanoke: cannibalism, Piggy Man, etc. so giving this season its own maze could be brilliant.

Why it Could be Awful: With this one, I feel like it would be hard for me not to like it. I loved last year's maze and giving one of the series' scariest seasons it's own maze will most likely turn out well.

3. Ash vs. Evil Dead - bingeing the series right now and I'm absolutely in love with it.

Why it Could be Great: Mixing comedy in horror in the way that this series does will likely translate very well to maze format. So many iconic scenes and monsters.

Why it Could be Awful: If they pull a Walking Dead and just do all of the iconic monsters and none or little of the characters, that's gonna piss me off. It's not Ash vs. Evil Dead without Ash. On another note, making all the scareactors look like Ash might be a difficult task (Jonah Hill masks anyone?).

4. Insidious - I feel like I'm cheating it putting it this low, because the other two mazes are two of my all time favorites. Never have seen the movies, plan on doing so before I go.

Why it Could be Great: I thought the last two mazes were the scariest of their individual year, so if they keep up the quality (as they most likely will) then it should be another "almost poop my pants" maze for me.

Why it Could be Awful: As they say, you can't make lightning strike twice and they already have done that here. If they are gonna try to save money by reusing a lot or they just don't put a lot of effort into it (because they always are so popular regardless) then we could be in trouble. Plus, the expectations are just so high at this point, at least for me.

5. Titans of Terror - I like the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, think Texas Chainsaw is just okay, and have never seen a Friday the 13th movie (but I plan to change that).

Why it Could be Great: Freddy vs. Jason was a pretty good maze. Adding another iconic slasher will probably only add to it. Plus, the original concept sounds cool and each slasher will probably get it's open section which should flesh out the maze a bit.

Why it Could be Awful: I don't think it's gonna be awful. Murdy is just too big of an "Uber Fan" for that. But I might not enjoy it if I'm still bitter about Michael Myers not being there and I cry the entire time.

6. Blumhouse - haven't seen any of the films being represented, but have seen and loved Get Out (hint, hint).

Why it Could be Great: The reason Sinister hasn't been brought to the event yet is unknown, but obviously Murdy feels more comfortable in this setup and I hear great things about Sinister, so that portion should be great.

Why it Could be Awful: Someone on here said that the Happy Death Day parts will be the Babyface Killer killing the same girl over and over and I can't help but think thats true. That's the premise of the film. And that'll get old fast. And then the Purge. Never seen the movies and let's just say the event has never made me want to watch one. I've had enough. AND GET OUT ISN'T IN IT I'M SO PISSED OFF.

7. Saw - never seen a Saw movie and never had the desire to.

Why it Could be Great: I've never been in a Saw maze so it'll all be new to me. I don't really find the Saw-type ultra gore and torture mazes any scary, but maybe it'll look cool (?)

Why it Could be Awful: Because it won't be scary, but the line will still be 5ever.

8. Walking Dead - have seen seasons 1 through 4 of the show.

Why it Could be Great: For the record, I do significantly enjoy the HHN version of the maze more than the normal version. I get so used to the normal version, the extra actors always give me quite a scare.

Why it Could be Awful: Until they change some scenes in this maze, I won't be excited to do it at HHN because there's just so much else to be done.

EDIT: To whomever moved my post, good call. Thanks.
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Feb 25, 2014
1. American Horror Story: Roanoke - Even though the series is vastly hit or miss due to writing which always stumbles here and there every season, this is a series which translates pretty dang well as a maze. An' I feel Roanoke is a good season to do a whole maze on, there's a lot to pull from and I think it'll be a very solid maze.

2. Ash vs Evil Dead - This is a incredibly close second to AHS, in fact I was going to have this as my number #1, but there is a big hesitation I have. I have a feeling for anyone portaying Ash, they're going to go the mask route like the Exorcist, and that didn't work for me at all. So it's a wait and see on how good or bad it'll look. Other then that, I love the series, and it's one that could be a fantastic horror comedy house.

3. Insidious: Beyond the Further - Here we go again with Insidious, I think why I'm putting this so high on the list is due to the previous two mazes being really friggin' solid. So hopefully the quality and scares continue with this maze.

4. SAW: The Games of Jigsaw - It's been a while since Saw has been here, so for me it's a welcome return. Now yeah, it'll have a good amount of returning traps, but as mentioned before it's been a while...so I don't have a issue with it like some other maze down the list.

5. The Horrors of Blumhouse - For me this maze is a bit of a wildcard, you've got three different movies and you're hoping it all comes together in a nice overall package. For Sinister, I really enjoy the first film and I hope most of that section is from the first, especially the killer soundtrack. (The sequel was a absolute piece of garbage, so the less shown of that the better.) For Happy Death Day, while I do like the concept of the film, the fact that it's the same girl getting killed by the same looking killer, I don't know how well that'll translate. With the Purge, ehhhh...it'll be a hit or miss.

6. Titans of Terror - What can I say, this was the rushed backup maze to replace the Conjuring. An' while it'll have a unique opening and ending scene, it's just gonna' be reused sets and whatnot of Freddy, Jason and Leatherface. An' considering we just had those three last year -AND- they're also being used in the Terror Tram, it's a bit overkill.

7. The Shining - While I do like the film, there's a lot that can go wonky on this. The film is a psychological slow burn, so how well is that going to translate into a maze where you need something popping out at you every now and then? There's also the issue of anyone playing Jack wearing a mask, and that might not look well. Add in other scenes which may be just projections, and you got something where for me it's best keeping expectations way low. I'd rather be pleasantly surprised then crushingly dissapointed.


Nov 7, 2016
7.) Blumhouse - This sounds like a dud. Sinister was a cruddy movie, we've had alot of Purge already, and I do wanna see Happy Death Day as a film, but not in a maze. The only exciting factor is it's supposed to be the longest maze, but I'm already fairly sure that just means the last portion is just going to be outside and what they already did with Purge last year's gauntlet. I know Get Out and Split aren't ripe for maze potential, but if they took a chance and did it, that'd be more exciting than whatever the heck this is. Wow, didn't realize how cynical I was about this maze until now...

6.) Saw - I welcome back Jigsaw with open arms. I just hope it's not TOO familiar. Can't wait to hear that theme music on the backlot before going into the maze. To me, that and the TWD themes ARE what HHN sound like.

5.) AHS: Roanoke - I absolutely HATED the season and this was the last season I'd ever wanted to see represented for AHS. I also felt last year's AHS maze was very weak compared to the rest, so a lot of my anticipation has been drained. However, with a whole mega maze dedicated to one season, maybe they can really make this work. It could turn out to be very scary, hopefully.

Bonus) Terror Tram - I know other people think it's "overkill," but I love it when the stuff in the mazes is represented on the tram, helping unify SOME TYPE OF THEME to this event and give it a semblance of a story while a maniacal host brings them together (no host excludes all 3 years of TWD). This takes me back to the good old days of the tram, circa 07-09.

4.) Ash vs. Evil Dead - My main reservation is how Evil Dead has been treated at the event in the past before, with the maze that was mostly mannequins. It really sucked the fun out of the maze. This has so much potential, I hope they don't screw it up.

3.) Insidious - This was the absolute best maze the two years its been at HHN so far. I'm excited to see if they could keep up the frights, chills, and scares.

2.) Titans of Terror - I love the original approach to it and my main hope is they mix these characters together more than separate them. The way they integrated Freddy into Jason's lore was amazing last year and I hope this year there's something similar. If it's just different rooms for specific killers with only one room with all of them at the end (which is something I heard), I'll be disappointed. It's the mix that should make it fun, instead of just another anthology maze.

1.) The Shining - As everyone else is saying, seeing HOW they do it has me amped. Even if it sucks, I'm still genuinely excited about it. Everything else this year has a bit of a "eh, kinda seen that before" feel. This is exactly how I felt about The Exorcist last year and was blown away. Luckily, The Shining has a tad bit more to work with.