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HHN '18: Universal Monsters

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Would've been nice to see an underwater scene like HHNO did with FVJ back in HHN 25
Orlando had an underwater Creature From the Black Lagoon scene in their 2012 "House of Horrors"... It was great & even used a boat prop from The JAWS Ride.

As someone who LOVES the classic monsters, this is the best maze announcement this year. While I hope this maze is beyond awesome, I will say that it has definitely been Murdy-fied... What was the first Universal Monster movie he saw? Frankenstein. What's his favorite? Frankenstein. What monster is excessively over-used? Frankenstein. Murdy has gone overboard with the inclusion of Frankenstein. Sure its his favorite, BUT this maze needs to cater to the other monsters too. Wolfman, Phantom, Drac, Invisible Man & Mummy are just cameos in Murdy's Frankenstein playground. The "film vault" & "collections room" seem awkwardly out of place. Its almost as if they tried way too hard with the execution of this maze. Its more Frankenstein featuring a random scare from a familiar face along the way.

Orlando's 2012 "House of Horrors" lacked in the facade department due to being a last minute replacement, but still made sense & flowed nicely. The first scene was a film vault, then Wolfman's woods, Dracula's castle (2 scenes), Phantom's Lair, Mummy's tomb, Creature's Lagoon, Frankie's lab (2 scenes), & film vault finale.

I like the cemetery premise for the beginning, not sure how I feel about the modern-day graffiti though. Its too similar to The Purge, which took up residence in this exact location the past 2 years. The Wolfman is just randomly there... at least give him trees & a gypsy wagon. The castle facade could've had more to its structure on either side to look more impressive. Considering Drac/Frankie/Wolfie have been in movies together, their inclusion shouldn't feel so forced. Renfield/Dracula/Brides should be the first thing you encounter. Descend into the Phantom's Lair. End up in Gillman's lagoon OR the Mummy's tomb. Invisible Man can be included leading into the laboratory finale. The lab finale with the Bride & Frankie is fine.

I'll reserve my judgement for the final product, but my expectations are both cautiously high & low. I'm sure this maze will be great, but NOT including Gillman is a mistake.
Keep in mind, the masks didn't have their "eyes" yet either (like a majority of masks we've had teased). Considering how bad the puppeteers were for AWIL, I'd rather NOT see the wolves return.

Actually, I think they're different masks. Look at the fur; in the Wolfman sculpts we've seen, the fur doesn't reach the underside of the eyes, while this one has fur all the way to the "snout." Plus, the skin colour is different.

Also, I think Murdy mentioned something about AWIL style puppets?
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I'm just sayin, compare and contrast