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HHN '19: Curse of Pandora's Box


Jan 1, 2014
Q&A Info:
- There wasn't a Original score created for this maze
- "Some specific characters are referenced and places like Hades, etc" in response to "Will the Greek mythological influence on this maze be significant in its scenic and creature design or will it mostly be a jumping off point for the story?"
- There is in a scene with Hades in it.
- "Learned a lot from the 3D mazes and employing some of those ideas (and new ones). Basically lighting and UV technology to see how far we can take it but it’s not lit like a 3D maze. Much darker" in response to "Will the UV make the maze look like a 3D maze (minus the glasses) or can we expect it to highlight the sets and characters?"
"-The beginning isn’t UV. Once you enter the box it’s a UV maze"
- "No...but other things" in response to "Since we’re going to see Greek mythology stuff, we going to see a Minotaur?"
- "Combination of different things" in response to "Will this house still be mostly scare actors or jump scares based on tech?"
- "The Netherworld/Hades/Underworld will be a part of it"
- There is no reference to Medusa
- This is a Chris William's idea

All of this is pretty exciting to me. The UV sounds interesting almost like Disneyland dark ride lighting.

MacMillian Crew

Veteran Member
Jul 16, 2016
Murdy's response, for some reason, keeps reminding me of the ending scene from Black Sabbath 13, when you ended the radioactive cavern and all those glowing yellow-green dots all over the place, hiding demon actors blending into them. Granted, I think it'll be much brighter, but I feel like I sort of get the concept they're aiming for now.


Veteran Member
Sep 10, 2017
Murdy's response, for some reason, keeps reminding me of the ending scene from Black Sabbath 13, when you ended the radioactive cavern and all those glowing yellow-green dots all over the place, hiding demon actors blending into them. Granted, I think it'll be much brighter, but I feel like I sort of get the concept they're aiming for now.

Someone else mentioned the Invisible Man scene from UCM, where it's mostly dark with a faint glow, kinda similar to the Dippin-Demon-dots room. I kinda agree with this. As long as it's not overlit and obvious where the scares are gonna come from, I don't think it should be an issue.


Veteran Member
Jun 6, 2016
DP but for those curious/don't understand certain scenes of the maze or the maze in General.

Outside on the facade has a Glass Jar with a Monkeypaw Hand in it which was confirmed by a RIP tour guide to be a reference to Monkeypaw Productions and there is a Deer Skull as well (Possible Get Out Easter Egg?).

The Maze does start with the store obviously with the dialogue seducing you to come inside the store. And you do which the first scene is a Earthquake abruptly opens the Box with a Preshow scene and then you enter the Box. But let's talk about the Box design real quick. There are Cages in the top left/right (Caged Skeletons), Snakes on the Box (Medusa), Horns on the Skeletons (Hades), White Souls (Lost Souls), and the Cobwebs on the Skeleton (Arachne) and there is a Piller next to the box with 3 Dog Heads on it (Cerberus).

You see Pandora for the first time and you can see that her look/face is very much like a vampire inspired by Nosferatu.

The Hallway with the Revolving Light trick is you inside the River Styx (A All Black River) where you then attacked by 2 Actors (Charon, a ferryman who is supposed to take you across the River Styx) on different sides and a bunch of skeletons are then pushed out. These skeletons are technically supposed to represent the "Lost Souls". From Greek Mythology the Lost Souls wander outside of the Gates of Hell. The Lost Souls are in this maze and it makes sense for these actors to be them. Which then leads me to my next point...

The Gates of Hell which is a Gate with 28 skulls (Unlucky Number) where Pandora attacks you on one side and there is a Dog puppet on the other. The Dog Puppet is supposed to represent Cerberus which is a 3 Headed Dog in Greek Mythology that guards the Gates of Hell from those tempting to enter or leave. "Woe to those who reach the gate, woe to those who tempt thy fate". You then enter.

Insert Reused Sets from TITE3D, Clowns 3D, Black Sabbath along with Costumes from TITE3D. UV is clever in this scene because of how it turns off at times. This can be terrifying depending on your walkthrough. It's the Lava Pits in Greek Mythology with Skeletons over the lava pits when you first enter.

You then enter a scene where there is a lot of Cages with Skeletons inside. Why they are inside: "Heavy is the wage of sin, Woe to thee who Labor in". Basically Sinfully people who are also cleaned clean of Skin because "Harpies come to pick them clean. A feast so foul. A feast so obscene." Harpies in Greek Mythology are crows with a Women's head and are agents of punishment. "Instruments for the punishment of the guilty". And they also torture those on the way to Hades's domain. You see Harpies above when you first enter the scene. The Location is Tartarus aka a Dungeon of Torment.

You then enter the hallway with the Harpies and they are considered wind spirits so that's why there is Wind blowing in this hallway. Harpies are considered cousins of Gorgons (3 Sisters which the most popular is Medusa). Which leads into the next section...

You then enter the Medusa section which is self explanatory but the changing effect has the dialogue of "Vanity! A monstrous sin. Beauty hides the Beast within!" Which we first see a beautiful woman who then turns into Medusa. Leads to the scene with the Frozen soldiers. Then come face to face with Medusa.

Then you enter the Castle where the Lords of Death/Hades are asleep and you intrude. "Cobweb covered castle keep. Where kings of men forever sleep!” “Thou dare not scream, hold thy breath! Lest ye awake The Lords of Death!”... The Judges of the Underworld/Lords of Death are Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Aeacus. Hades is the Stilt Walker you then go to the Arachne Section.

The Spider in the section is Arachne which is a woman who challenged Athena and lost turning her into a Spider from Greek mythology. You then get a victim Scare with someone strung up who has severely bad Spider Bites/Stings on him.

You then see the Door that you saw in the Preshow and a above Scare from Pandora where you exit the Box/Maze and hear the dialogue seducing you to enter the store in the first place Pandora is the Host of the maze's and appears 5 times throughout. There is a variety of scares with Frozen scares, stilt walker, Black box Scare, UV Lighting turning off, Push out scare, Puppet, and Above Scare.
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