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HHN '19 Employee Preview


Nov 30, 2018
Now I can safely say I was referring to the Us maze earlier lol. Good to see most of the people are having a great time though so far. I'll be working the rest if the nights. Look forward to helping to make everyone's night a little scarier.


Contributing Member
Jan 12, 2018
This is starting to sound a lot like 2016, where preview night the effects didn't work great and the mazes got a lukewarm response, but by the second weekend everything kicked into high gear.
Hoping that this year isnt another 2018. Not that 2018 was bad and all, but I want this year to better is all Im asking.


Jul 11, 2018
I'm getting word that Stranger Things SUCKS. Hope to hear more.
Hmm that sucks to hear, I really cant imagine it being worse than last years. If you know can you tell us is there at least a facade this year?
Edit: Theres no facade