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HHN 2021: Most Anticipated Maze

What Maze are you most excited for?

  • The Haunting of Hill House

    Votes: 12 42.9%
  • Universal Monsters The Bride of Frankenstein Lives!

    Votes: 12 42.9%
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • The Exorcist

    Votes: 3 10.7%
  • The Curse of Pandora's Box

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Aug 20, 2019
6. Halloween 4- The least memorable of the Michael Myers mazes gets a repeat?
5. Curse of Pandora's box- really feel like they should give this the 3D treatment, but otherwise not excited
4. The Exorcist- this maze feels especially odd as it wasn't very scary, detailed, or memorable?
3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- the Mummy queue usually delivers and the legendary Texas Chainsaw from 2007-2008 was here
2. Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives!- the Universal Monster brand has been pretty strong in Hollywood, Murdy clearly has a love for the characters. Only downside is the location, as the Parisian Courtyard always has long stretches of dead space and weird layouts.
1. Haunting of Hill House- hope this is a spiritual successor to Crimson Peak, with incredibly detailed sets and interesting monster designs.


Veteran Member
Jun 6, 2016
6. Halloween 4 - Utterly insane that this was the choice in replacing Halloween 3. Not any original concept or anything. Wasn't a fan of the H4 Maze from 2018 and I suspect this will be less accurate to the film.

5. The Curse of Pandora's Box - Another Maze I was not a fan of. It doesn't sound like there is going to be any changes and I wasn't a fan of it in 2019 so...

4. The Exorcist - This and another Maze I'm interested. The problem is the Black Wall formula has been done to death so hard that I suspect this Maze being as scary as it was in 2016 won't have the same effect this time around. Hope I'm wrong though.

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Really loved the 2016 Maze but hated the 2017 Texas section in the Tram and Titans Maze. Didn't go through the 2012 Maze but have heard mixed things. It's simple but they could totally mess it up.

2. Universal Monsters The Bride of Frankenstein Lives - Should be a solid Maze. Definitely not gonna reach the scale that was hyped about at Midsummer and I'm not a fan of the constant pausing of the Maze's momentum with the black hallway and a artprint on the wall but regardless this maze should be good.

1. The Haunting of Hill House - Sounds like a spiritual successor to Crimson Peak from the Q&A and I'm here for it. Loved that Maze and loved this Show so I'm super excited to see it. Really the only Maze I'm hyped for in a way for HHN Hollywood this year.


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Jan 10, 2013
No man's land: SoCal
1. The Haunting of Hill House: I expect this to have some Crimson Peak-style set design: grand, detailed, and absolutely gorgeous. I hope we get some good scares from the floating man. Easily my most-anticipated.

2. The Bride of Frankenstein Lives!: I've enjoyed both UM and FMtWM (Especially the former), so I look forward to seeing another classic monsters iteration. Though there will no doubt be reused assets from the last maze, I'm sure the scenic is going to be really awesome and it will have some good scares.

3. Terror Tram: The Ultimate Purge: Some of you who have been posting here a good while no how much I dislike the tram, not to mention how weary I am of the Purge. Well, I would've never imagined having myself put the tram in my three most-anticipated, but here we are. The line-up for this year is so bad and so lazy, that I have reached the point of having a Purge-themed tram by my third most anticipated attraction. It's really come to this. I have very low expectations of this so maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. They seem to be putting some effort into it.

4 The Exorcist: This is basically going to be a repeat from 2016. I'm only looking forward to seeing how this will be implemented in a sound stage environment. Maybe there will be a couple changes here and there. I doubt it.

5. The Curse of Pandora's Box: I liked the maze for what it was but enough to where I want a repeat? Yeah hopefully there will be a few new things at least, but I'm not holding my breath.

6. Halloween 4: The Curse of Michael Myers: Yet another repeat and another Michael Myers maze. This was the weakest Halloween maze for me so meh. I'm also tired of Michael.

7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Stop. Make. It. Stop. Give this IP a rest for another ten years at least, PLEASE. This doesn't help that it's literally a repeat of the dog-crap 2012 maze baring a different layout. Ugggghhhhhhh
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Spookies n' Stuff

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Oct 9, 2016
My opinion probably isnt a hot take or anything, but,

8.) Halloween 4: Thought it was the least enjoyable of the halloween mazes first time around, doubt my opinion will change especially with it now using the bones of Halloween 3.
7.)The Walking Dead Attraction: For once, I'm actually putting this somewhere in the running, basically just because this is the last time we'll ever see it which makes me slightly more excited for it, but its still ultimately the same maze we've seen for 5 years.
6.) The Curse of Pandoras Box: While I enjoyed this maze fine in 2019, and its by no means a bad maze, its just really not exciting to have returning with no real alterations a year (in terms of the event) later. Not awful, but low on my priority list.
5.) The Exorcist: Exorcist is obviously a pretty controversial maze in the eyes of fans, me included, and out of everything from the last 5 years it likely wouldn't be in the top 10 of mazes I'd want to see return, but in some cases absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I'm moderately excited for this purely because it's been so long since we last saw it, and 2016 was before I routinely got frequent fear every year. It's really the closest thing to a throwback this year even though its still pretty recent, but that gives it the edge.
4.) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: I've always had a soft spot for this franchise, even with it returning on and off every few years since 2012. Oddly, I do tend to forget this maze is even coming this year, so I do wish they would've done a little bit more to set it apart, but you really can't go wrong with the original TCM.
3.) Terror Tram, The Ultimate Purge: Similar to TCM, I've always had a soft spot for Terror Tram. Even in its off years, its something that's always been a part of the events identity as long as I've gone, and always felt like a welcome tradition every year just like the daytime tram is for me. Plus I've mentioned in the past that the 2015 purge tram was my second favorite ever, so I've got high hopes here. Hopefully they took the time it had off to really come up with some interesting new ideas and really hit it out of the park this year.
2.)The Bride of Frankenstein Lives: Honestly this probably pretty much speaks for itself, the universal monsters mazes have already been consistently high quality, and the info at Awaken the Spirits sounds extremely compelling to me, plus its something new, so it's easily one of my must-dos.
1.) Haunting of Hill House: Similarly to Bride, this really speaks for itself. Brand new maze, big IP thats frankly long overdue, rumors of really impressive scenic design, the show itself had some really scary visuals, the works. I know the facade is clearly lacking, but like a lot of people have said, don't judge a book by its cover. There's some serious potential with the groundwork the show layed out, and if they commit to it, I could see this becoming one of the greats.

Bonus: Scarezones
1.) Scream Queenz
2.) Chainsaw Rangers (Even though it should be on the lower lot with TCM)
3.) Demon City