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HHN 2021: The Exorcist

Really hoping this has some sort of tweaks to it. I loved it in 16, but I'm hoping it doesn't suffer the way AvP did in being an exact replica.
I heard word from the grapevine that this and Pandora’s are exactly the same. I don’t think they changed much of it.
Murdy said he maid minor tweaks to Exorcist, but yeah pandora's is exactly the same. I really hope Murdy isn't stretching out Pazuzu's new masks as the minor changes because if so.. damn man, really?
Employee Preview is in just a few hours. We will learn soon enough what new BLACK WALLZ Captain Howdy has in store for us.

Jokes aside, I think the layout will be a bit different to complement the change from the Mummy Queue to Soundstage 29. The Regan Levitating scene based off of the behind the scenes photos looks to be a mirrored version of the 2016 maze. I think the most change we will see in this house is in the desert scene.

I went to HHN Hollywood only in 2016. I only did Hollywood's The Exorcist maze in the day light and cannot remember much from it compared to Orlando's version. Hope this 2021 maze is not a downgrade from the Hollywood's 2016 The Exorcist maze.
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