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HHN 22: When Are You Going?


Veteran Member
Aug 17, 2009
Just like last year, post the date(s) that you are planning to attend. Feel free to try to put together meetups using this information. I will keep track and update everyone's dates as they're posted:

Scareactors: John321

Special Tickets:

Ticket TypeMembers Attending
Frequent Fear Passhatetofly, captainjack, maxairmike
Frequent Fear Pass PlusThe_Bled, SGT623, ralphoutloud, rooney08josh, Felipe, Cecilia, NoirStar
Rush of FearReelJustice, bobwadd, georgemoe, jarmor, Captain Tragedy, Marquibiri, JokerMan0925, YETI PINTRADER, bronzey, Octobers Fade
Unmasking the Horror TourOctobers Fade (9/27 - 10 AM), Marquibiri (9/29), SlapNutzUK (10/5)

Color Codes

- With Express Pass

Regular Dates:

DatesMembers Attending
TM Preview (9/19)The_Bled, SGT623, RyenDeckard, frenzy88, maxairmike
9/21Tbad556, hatetofly, Cecilia, BriMan, The_Bled, SGT623, ralphoutloud, jarmor, JokerMan0925, Drew, biomegaceu, Felipe, frenzy88, captainjack, maxairmike
9/22Tbad556, Cecilia, BriMan, The_Bled, SGT623, ralphoutloud, Drew, bobwadd, biomegaceu, YETI PINTRADER, bronzey, JokerMan0925, frenzy88
9/27hatetofly, georgemoe, SGT623, traveller, Captain Tragedy, Octobers Fade, Jimpossible87, biomegaceu, captainjack, maxairmike, NoirStar
9/28Captain Tragedy, The_Bled, SGT623, traveller, ralphoutloud, Marquibiri, Octobers Fade, peaches magee, Vyrus, Felipe, MechaTeddy417
9/29traveller, Marquibiri, Octobers Fade, peaches magee, bobwadd, YETI PINTRADER, bronzey, JokerMan0925
9/30hatetofly, georgemoe, SGT623, traveller, Marquibiri, biomegaceu, TheDecemberists
10/4ReelJustice, SGT623, jarmor, bobwadd, biomegaceu
10/5JungleSkip, ReelJustice, The_Bled, SGT623, jarmor, bobwadd, SlapNutzUK
10/6JungleSkip, ReelJustice, jarmor, bobwadd, bronzey, JokerMan0925
10/7JungleSkip, ReelJustice, SGT623, universal_fanatic, biomegaceu
10/11SGT623, rooney08josh, biomegaceu
10/12The_Bled, SGT623, rooney08josh
10/14SGT623, rooney08josh, biomegaceu
10/17hatetofly, SGT623, rooney08josh, NoirStar
10/18hatetofly, SGT623, biomegaceu
10/19SGT623, ralphoutloud
10/21hatetofly, SGT623, biomegaceu
10/24hatetofly, SGT623
10/25hatetofly, SGT623, fitness_runner, biomegaceu, Cecilia, Drew
10/26The_Bled, SGT623, ralphoutloud, Drew, Cecilia, Swiminn6
10/27fitness_runner, BriMan, ralphoutloud, Cecilia
10/28hatetofly, Drew, SGT623, ralphoutloud, biomegaceu, BriMan
10/31hatetofly, The_Bled, SGT623, jarmor, captainjack, biomegaceu

Color Codes:

- Definitely Going
- Not Definite


aka Hatetofly
Mar 16, 2010
Opening night and every Sunday through Thursday except October 4-12. I will be in California getting my haunt on.


Contributing Member
Jan 16, 2012
Definitely will be there Opening Night, and possibly the night after to celebrate my birthday.


The man with the master plan
Premium Member
Feb 11, 2010
Miami, FL
Probably 2nd weekend, haven't decided yet cause I'm going to be doing Food and Wine that weekend as well.


Veteran Member
Aug 17, 2009
Added all of your dates and formatted them into a table w/ a color code. :thumbs:


Veteran Member
Mar 26, 2008
I will be buying a Fear Pass Plus and attending TM Preview, Sept 21st, 22nd, 28th, October 5th, 12th, 26th, and 31st.