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HHN 24: House Count


Contributing Member
Feb 11, 2010
Orlando, FL
My final count:

Nights: 9

From Dusk till Dawn: 3
Walking Dead: 3
Alien vs Predator: 3
Dracula Untold: 5
Giggles and Gore: 9
Roanoke: 8
Dollhouse: 7
Halloween: 7

Bill and Ted: 9
Rocky Horror: 0

We went for so many few hour trips and many of those we didn't make it to the front houses.


Premium Member
May 20, 2013
Final Count
Nights: 8

From Dusk till Dawn: 5
Walking Dead: 5
Alien vs Predator: 4
Dracula Untold: 5
Giggles and Gore: 7
Roanoke: 8
Dollhouse: 8
Halloween: 8

Bill and Ted: 8
Rocky Horror: 0

Overall a great year, wish I would have gotten to see the final B&T though.