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HHN 25: Insidious


Dec 5, 2012
Just re-watched the first two films. Very good movies and lots of potential for scary areas. The bride chapel is a must and I'm sure am sure one or two of the brides will be jumping up.
Feb 12, 2013
Very nice! The original Insidious was a wonderful modern horror film. The sequel was a bit lackluster, but it still had its moments. I havent seen the third one yet. Regardless, I'm excited for this house!



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Oct 13, 2013
Just watched the first two movies ... turned out I had seen the first one already but had forgotten about it. I liked the first one but found the second one better, was more unsettling with the whole back story and the going back into the past. Could not see much of a haunt in the first one, but definitely could in the second one. The bedroom, the chapel, old hospital, hopefully they'll also have a misty walkway that just shows the further sans content.
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Feb 26, 2014
Just watched the first one last night and will watch 2 tonight. I'm now way more excited! I'm hoping that like Halloween last year I can go though this one alone.
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