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HHN 26 Construction Thread

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I got to check out everything on Saturday. I have to say its all starting to come together pretty well, but two things stood out.

1) I feel bad for the actor that is in the last structure of Banshee closest to Animal Actors. Don't know how but water is dripping down onto the structure, running down one of the crevices and managing to run along the roof and dripping smack dab in the middle of the inside of the structure.
2) Not so crazy about the Chance stages up close, the ornate carvings don't look so hot and look like they were scaled way up from a smaller image making them look kind of muddy. I'm sure this won't be easy to notice in the dark. Just seems a little lower production value than everything else they have done/are doing.
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Excellent videos. Great combination of info and humor. Favorite parts include all the "pop-ups!" and the "Oh, and speakers!" in Survive or Die, which just made me laugh.
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